Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Months are Flying By..

Dearest Tallow,

The months really are flying by.  It seems like just weeks ago, you first learnt to crawl and now you are on the verge of taking your first steps.  You turned 10 months yesterday and I've got some catching up to do, so I'm sharing your eight and nine month photos together, because it feels like the last eight weeks really have disappeared right before my eyes.  No more my little baby, you are now my beautiful little girl, always into mischief, inquisitive and full of chatter.  Mumma and Dadda are your words of choice and you're even starting to use them to call to us, especially around dinner time, when combined with the perfect amount of girly stomping and whingeing.  Ever the independent explorer, you're quickly mastering the art of standing by yourself and wondering what you can do next.  When you're not clapping, singing or pulling all your books off the shelf, your favourite new spot in the world is on your swing.  It's got a perfect view to the garden and keeps you smiling all afternoon.  We knew from the moment we met you, you would fill our world with so much joy and I want to treasure these precious days we get to share together always.  Miss Tallow Frankie, you are our sunshine.  

You Like..
Afternoon walks
Banana, blueberries and Vegemite 
Splashing in the bath
When Daddy brushes your hair
Standing all by yourself
Exploring and opening cupboards

You Dislike..
Getting ready for bed
Sleeping in
The blender

We love you more than the best bits of all the seasons combined..
Much Love

PS. I promise I'll be on time with your 10 month portrait, if you promise to stay still when we try to take your photo.


  1. Oh don't the months zip by. Tallow is just precious. Fraser will be one in three weeks time. I want to press the pause button on this sacred beautiful time, I'm sure you feel much the same.

  2. Aww, this post is precious. And this: "We love you more than the best bits of all the seasons combined" is one of the sweetest things I've ever read from a parent.

  3. Tallow's pictures are so so so cute...
    It will be a precious keep sake for her...

  4. Oh Sophie she is divine! What a difference a month makes from 8 to 9. Just lovely x


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