Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Writing Process - A Blog Tour..

 Those who have been following my blogging journey for a little while will know how much I love to write.  It really is my greatest passion in life, which I've been very fortunate over the years to be able to hone and share.  I was asked recently by my lovely friend Kristen of Kristen Hedges if I would like to part of a blog tour sharing a little bit about my writing process. Kristen is an amazing creative soul, who has been a huge inspiration to me over the past few years.  I found her beautiful website after reading one of her wonderful posts of the Free People blog. Her poetic words resonated with my soul and helped me to begin a new chapter in my life journey.  I feel so honoured that she passed the torch onto me (you can read her inspiring post here).  I look forward to seeing where this lovely blog tour journeys to in the future.  So here is a little bit about my writing process..

 What am I working on?
I think it's pretty safe to say, I'm always working on something.  Whether it be a blog post, a chapter of my 'someday' book or an idea for a freelance article, not a day goes by where I'm without words.  Right now I'm really excited about a few new projects, one which is evolving everyday from a series of blog posts, to a e-course, to somewhere between a magazine and a book.  Its contents brings together my love of writing, photography, journaling and sharing inspiration. It's bringing me plenty of ideas and joy! I'm also enjoying delving deeper into areas of my world I've never really touched so far through blogging.  I love that a blog post can be such an intimate everyday moment captured in time.  Those fleeting thoughts that find their way into a few rambling paragraphs late at night are my very favourite.      

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Honestly I'm not sure how my work differs, because I'm not sure I fit into just one genre.  And just between you and me, when it comes to blogging, I sometimes wish genres (or categories) would just get thrown out the window, so we could just get on with writing and sharing whatever we love. So my genre is, from the heart. Whatever I write, is always honest and straight from the heart, the way I feel all writing should be. One of my favourite writing teachers Natalie Goldberg says, 'go for the jugular' and as I rediscover my voice I'm loving this concept of just diving right into ideas (no matter how raw or thought provoking) more and more.  

How does your writing process work?
These days as a new mama,  I've had to rethink my creative process a little and in doing so, I've found myself more creative and with more inspiration and ideas than ever.  Only having pockets of time  (nap time and late evenings) to really 'write', I know when the time comes I have to be creatively switched on.  So throughout the day, I make lots and lots of notes.  I use a cheap notebook for this task.  It holds everything, ideas, to do lists, half scribbled post ideas. I don't care if it gets wet, tea stained or crumpled and it's totally unorganised, but I know it's all there.  Then I use Evernote on my devices.  This has been a huge revelation for me.  I write posts straight into Evernote at 3am, I use it organise ideas for projects and often go back through all my notebooks and transfer the 'good bits' so I have them stored.  Finally I have my moleskine journal.  To me it's a really special space.  I love to make it feel like home and when I write, I write straight from my soul. It's for the deep stuff, the musing, life changing, ever evolving life path stuff.  I don't often publish what goes in my journal, it really is just a place for my soul to be totally free.  Somewhere bewteen these three places, my ideas come to life and together they form the bases of my published work. 

Why do I write what I do?
I want to rephrase this to simply, why do I write... And my answer is simple - I write because I feel like it was what I was born to do.  It brings me joy, fills me up and allows a form of expression that I don't find in any other creative medium.  I've always loved to write.  In fact my year three report says, 'Sophie is a prolific writer' and you know what, it makes me smile every time I think that words have been coursing through my veins since I was eight years old.  For some people, it's music, others dance, cooking or running. For me it's writing, in all its forms.  Every time I put my pen on the page, I feel like it's for the first time.  It's exciting, scary and connects so deeply, I'm always blown away by the words that often tumble onto the page.  In it's true state, unedited, scribbled and infused with the raw emotion of the day, writing is the most profound way for me to connect, with myself and the world around me. 

I'm delighted to pass the torch on to..

My dear friend, the gorgeous and talented Katie of House of Humble.  Katie and I often joke that we might actually be long lost sisters and I'm so happy that our paths have crossed in so many ways.  Although we've never met (I hope to change this very soon) I've always felt a wonderful connection with Katie through her beautiful, authentic and passionate words.  I can't wait to read about her writing process which she'll be sharing over at House of Humble next week.  

Much Love

PS. If you're feeling inspired to dust off your journal, you can find of my tips to help get the words flowing over here


  1. Loved this little peek into your process, Soph.
    Ronnie xo

  2. Thanks for sharing your writing process...I must admit, I love journals and have so many in my possession, however I really struggle to actually write anything in them.....I think I feel quite self conscious and embarrassed if anyone else read what I had written....perhaps I need to persevere. Your little girl looks like she is an absolute joy and delight....I bought one of your fabric brooches a few years ago and to this day, is one of my favourites. Bless you and your family

  3. This is a lovely glimpse into your writing process, and I have to say as a reader - we can feel your passion for words through + through (it's just one of the many reasons I adore your blog).

  4. love yor photos and your desk I need to do a clean up your journal looks inspiring and one way of getting rid of mags once you have read them I ahve too many in the house never want to get rid of them and especially with the price you pay for them now. eliz s

  5. What a beautiful blog, beautiful photos and oh my, a beautiful baby! I am so looking forward to reading through your archives. Thank you for sharing! x

  6. Thank you for sharing your process! It is such a treat to glimpse into your creative process. I am new to your blog but am really enjoying your photography and writing! xx

  7. I loved reading this Sophie - I'm always so curious about how others write - and I always love reading what you write! xx

  8. This has really got me thinking about my own writing process, so thank you for being so open about your own writing life, I've loved reading this. As a stay at home mum to twins and working from home around them, I've been really struggling to find a way to fit my writing in. Like you, writing is in my soul, there's a need within me to write.

    I've started getting up earlier to fit an hour of writing in before the house wakes up but I'm still finding that, half asleep and bleary eyed, I don't know what to work on! Or the children will hear me and come dashing into my office and start chattering away. I need to plan the night before what I'm going to do I suppose... and be quieter! I love using notebooks but I find, if I want to add to an idea/subject, I run out of space on that particular page so my notes become scattered and get lost. I've never thought of using Evernote in the way you do, usually I use it only for grocery shopping lists to send to my husband! 

    I love your journal, I think I will give it a try myself. I've always been wary of sharing too much online and probably hold back on my true feelings, because I know my parents read my blog (we have a challenging relationship at the moment), but I do want to record my hopes and dreams, my failures and challenges, to look back and say, this was the real me.

    Anyway, I think I've waffled on for long enough... thank you again, you're always very inspiring :) xx

  9. Lovely post Sophie :D I started my blog a year ago and am amazed at the joy writing brings! Aren't we lucky to have the internet to find like minded souls who we never would have discovered without it. Love your photos too, warm regards, Jan x

  10. Hello Sophie! I finally managed to dedicate some time to read this beautiful post. And I found it so lovely, because I share that joy and passion for writing. I also keep a journal. Actually it's more of a notebook where I write daily (more than once a day!), constantly, at home, when I'm in a café in the city centre or travelling. I NEED to write down what I feel, saw or am watching. Everything around me makes me think, reflect, and I got the habit of writing everything (besides I'm a notebook junkie, especially Moleskines! I love buying them and now making ones from scratch!). It goes with me wherever I go!
    Thanks for sharing!

    from Argentina :)


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