Thursday, 19 June 2014

This is Us..

This is Us..  Wandering down by the local billabong on a beautiful winter afternoon.  

It's not often I share a photo like this, in fact, I'm not sure I've shared a 'selfie' since about 2008.  But as I looked back through the photos we took on Sunday, I just couldn't get this photo out of my head.  We are standing at a very special spot at Kings Billabong.  The last time Ben and I were there, was in September of 2012, a little over a month after we lost Cohen.  We sat together, looking out over the water, knowing we were meant to be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary, instead we quietly made plans to leave our home behind, trying with all our might to flee every emotion that encompassed our lives.

On Sunday, just be chance we found ourselves in the very same spot, happily playing with our baby, laughing as we took silly photos and watched the pelicans basking in the winter sunshine.  It was everything I had wished we would be on that day in 2012.  It's our little family, right now, just as we are.. embracing our beautiful rainbow girl, missing our precious angel.. Full of love, hope and exciting possibilities for our future.

Much Love


  1. That is the most heart melting photo every!! That smile on your three faces, my gosh, THIS is happiness!! You have a beautiful family Sophie, and Cohen is a part of it for ever, he's somewhere in this photo...
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo with us dear...
    Much love

  2. Gorgeous family selfie! x

  3. Such a sweet picture! :)

  4. Totally sweet photo! You have such a beautiful family and remember, that lil Cohen is in the safest place ever - firmly embedded in your hearts.

  5. Beautiful photo and what a lovely spot to be, one of my favourite places ever!

  6. OMGosh isn't she just a picture of her Daddy!!

  7. Wishing you so many more magical times like these lovely souls. So very much love xxxx

  8. Such a sweet picture... so glad your family was able to have this lovely moment of reflection + gratitude :)

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