Monday, 23 June 2014

Making & Doing..

This time last month I was sitting in this very spot, writing a post very similar to this one.  I look back now and am amazed at what four weeks can bring.  Within a month, I've finished up projects and begun new ones, had some wonderful insights on and off the yoga mat and I've seen my work in print in three magazines. Our broad beans have almost outgrown me, the rainbow chard just keeps going strong and we are still surrounded by mandarins. Miss Tallow is nearly nine months old, almost standing all by herself, is full of chatter, giggles and is fabulously determined. The days are getting colder and I keep reminding myself to stay present, focused and enjoy this lovely season.

I've been feeling so inspired with a crochet hook in my hand lately. As well as making wall mandalas for Wilde Asher, I've been keeping my hands busy making a rainbow pixie bonnet for Tallow and also working on a few presents for expecting mamas.  

Our kitchen has been bustling with activity lately, especially on the weekends.  The local farmers market has been full of lovely produce, so as soon as we get home from our Saturday morning outing, the whole family is in the kitchen, working on stock, stewing seasonal fruit, baking bread, biscuits and making fabulous chai mix.  It's our happy place. 

I'm making my first loaf of sourdough this week! I'm a bit precious about my starter and may have been moving it around the house throughout the day so it didn't get cold. Oh my! Can't wait to share how it turns out. 

I've been slowly working to fill our home with only natural products.  Now that I've got our cleaning products sorted, next up is the bathroom.  While the majority of our products are eco friendly, I'm really passionate about making my own, especially after watching films like this one.  Ever since I've been looking at all those bottle and jars totally differently and I'm really looking forward to changing the way I approach cosmetics.  I'm loving this post.. Got a lemon? Got a beauty product!

I'm super excited that the lovely ladies at Mollie Makes have interviewed me as part of their Photography special.  Photography has played such an important part of my creative evolution and I had such fun sharing a little bit about my creative process. 

I'm also loving this inspiring interview, this amazing home and that one of my favourite fair trade store is having a fabulous sale. And so is one of my favourite illustrators

I'd love to go to one of these workshops, these meditation cards look so wonderful and this lady is such an inspiration. 

 This song of Pia's is just breathtaking. Make sure you check out the beautiful pieces she has composed this year. 

Converted buses, earthships, cob homes and handmade masterpieces.. I'm dreaming about the off grid life.  

What's been inspiring you lately?
Wishing you a beautiful week!

Much Love


  1. I love these posts, so many great links to check out! Thanks for the inspiration. x

    1. Oh and I love the rainbow crochet, so cute!

    2. Thank you Alice! Hope you're having a lovely week x

  2. Congratulations on the Mollie Makes interview, will have to check it out. Can't wait to see and hear more about your homemade beauty products. Very inspiring!

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm very excited about making some lip balm and mascara soon, so stay tuned. x


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