Monday, 9 June 2014

Making & Doing..

Winter is a challenging time of year for me, one that brings up so many emotions, even more so now that we are back in Mildura. Mid July I'll be celebrating my thirtieth year on beautiful mama Earth and August brings the second year we will be without our angel Cohen. I'm taking each day as it comes, reminding myself to be present in the moment, rather than wishing Winter to be over too soon.  We prepare ourselves with extra blankets and coats and cuddle up close as we wait for the sun to rise.   And while I prepare our home for the cold days ahead, I prepare myself too, going gently, reflecting often and writing from the heart. 

 Everywhere I turn change is abundant, in the seasons, in the words I read, images I see and people I share with. There is a homespun revolution taking place, slow and steady and so wonderful. It makes me so excited to read more, explore more, meet more people and share more ideas.

I think I've linked to it before, but I just can't get this amazing groundhouse out of my head.  I love the thought of building our own home, especially one that works sustainably with nature. This project is endlessly inspiring and has us really beginning to develop a plan for our very own.

Letter by letter, I'm really enjoying writing to my lovely penpals from around the world. I must admit I was quite overwhelmed at first, realising how many letters I had to write, but I've reminded myself, it is called snail mail for a reason. So I'm letting my heart lead the way, creating little envelopes filled with love and inspiring bits and pieces and day by day, filling pages with introductions, memories, questions and musings.

I'm longing to make a sweet little potting bench on the back patio, I'm totally going to make a few of these for the kitchen and I'd love one of these for making almond milk.

This cardigan is so lovely and so is this amazing cheeseboard, this mat is just amazing and is definitely on my making list and I'd love to try this coconut, chai lemonade.

This week I'm hoping to make some persimmon jam, turn my crochet mandalas into bunting, practise my crow pose, make a big batch of pumpkin soup and work on an exciting secret project.

What are you plans this week? I do hope it's a beautiful one.
Much Love


  1. I am going to lots of play dates, baking some scrolls, and doing lots of uncomfortable thinking. But its the kind of thinking that brings change, so I'm trying not to chafe against it too hard. Go gently, my dear. This sounds like a tough season for you x

  2. I have a pretty big week coming up with travels and deadlines, so I'm trying to fit in all the good stuff in between that I know will give me energy: Read, write, listen, yoga, rest, knit, tea. Hope your Winter week will be a good one, full of lovely moments and less of the dark ones ;) Can't wait for your letter to arrive! xo

  3. I love reading your blog posts and have done so for a number of years but never commented. I believe we have a lot in common including the way you describe your thoughts and feelings and the romance of your surroundings. You have actually inspired me to start my own blog as an outlet for me, and thats what my plans have been this week other than being a mum to an amazing four month old! My mindful mischief can be found at looking forward to your next post :) xx Bec

  4. Go gently into August my love over these coming months, we've just been there last month......six years for the girls. I love the life and dreams your designing for yourselves, it's truly beautiful. What am I doing.....always lots of things that fill my heart. One major thing I'm preparing for is a speech, I've been asked to speak at the ahold Coast University Hospital to a large workshop group of midwives about Elle and Meg, our journey, what helped and didn't help and more. My hope is that the insights I will give will somehow help others like me, you and so many more.

    Finally can I ask if it's too late to join the snail mail love, do you think you could squeeze another one in ;) x

  5. Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog through Pinterest... I absolutely adore this space. So excited to read more... beautiful design + vibe :)

  6. I remember reading when Cohen passed and I felt so stricken with deep sadness-the kind that surprises you because you're just not expecting it--I'm so sorry I never wrote you or said how badly I felt for your loss but I did and I do and I'm sorry you hurt but finding the beauty in your life and love will make the days pass happily on


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