Monday, 2 June 2014

Everyday Moments..

 All finished - 31 little crochet mandalas all in a row..
Snapdragons from the garden - Greeting winter with their joyful chorus of colour..
Perhaps my best homemade loaf to date..
Sunday afternoon gardening - moving strawberries to pots.. 
Two absolute must reads - Spaces Volume Two & Alphabet Family Journal.. So much inspiration.
The first day of winter..

Much Love

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  1. I adore how your world is always brimming with colour! Gorgeous lovely lady xx

  2. Gorgeous collection of images! And kudos to you on completing the 31 crochet mandalas!

  3. Oh wow! You've put me to shame. I simply must darn in my ends and tie the mandala project up. Loved watching your pile grow. Have a wonderful week lovely. xx

  4. Oh the bread looks amazing. xx

  5. Love, love, love! A beautiful week and I want that loaf of bread! It is perfect :) Our first day of winter was everything it was meant to be... Dark, grey (with a hint of sunshine). I spent the day clicking my knitting needles together. A lovely week to you Sophie. xo

  6. That bread looks amazing! I can hardly believe you made it yourself. You are quite the baker, wow! Wish I could eat a slice;)

  7. Nice moments, I found your blog, its looks realy nice. And the loaf looks realy good.

  8. Lovely photos. Good on you finishing the 31 mandalas, I failed miserably completing only four!


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