Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Seven Months..

Dearest Tallow,

Oh my precious girl, if anyone asked me to capture you as you are right now, this photo pretty much sums it up! Yes indeed, you actually turn eight months in nine days and I can't quite believe my eyes, my little baby is growing up so fast. You are a bundle of giggles and so wonderfully enthusiastic.  You clap your hands and bounce up and down when you get excited and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.  It seems like overnight you've mastered crawling (you're so fast) and now you're straight onto the next challenge and love to pull yourself up on anything and anyone near by.  And guess what, your two bottom teeth have just come through at the same time and all the while you've been an absolute champion. We are very excited about your big toothy smile.  Miss Tallow Frankie you are one in a million and the most magical little ray of sunshine.

You Like:
Your toy basket, it might even be more fun than your toys
Music - even our crazy made up songs
Jack - you giggle so loudly when he chases his tail
Gardening - No doubt you'll be helping Daddy very soon
The vacuum cleaner

You Dislike:
The scary food processor
Not being allowed to go near the fireplace
 Spending too long in the pram
Getting dressed

We love you oh so much!

Much Love


  1. She's beautifully beautiful. You have a special girl right there.


    1. Awwww thanks Jes. She certainly is very special to us. X

  2. For real, my favourite part of childhood (so far) has been 6-12 months, and 18months to two. Utterly, utterly delightful stages. The happiest people on the planet!

    1. Aren't they! So excited for the next few months, I just love seeing Tallow's personality develop, she's such a funny little thing. Hope you're having a great week lovely. X


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