Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May Seven Vignettes..

With Miss Tallow crawling and starting to pull herself up on the furniture, I decided to keep things really simple this month with my vignettes, using the mantelpiece as my backdrop (up nice and high and away from excited little hands) and a plain white jug to tie the series together.  I gathered leaves and feathers from the neighbourhood and included vintage ephemera I've been collecting over the years, along with antique bottles, found under our old cottage.  Here are my May vignettes..  

Day 1 - White. Inspired by texture & feathered friends.

Day 2 -Hidden. Inspired by fossicked treasures found hidden in old suitcases, rusty tin boxes & deep underground.

Day 3 - Escape. Inspired by today's magical Autumn hues - crafting by the fireplace was the perfect escape from the chilly weather.
Day 4 - Treasures. Inspired by the beautiful treasures Mother Nature shares.
Day 5 - Home. Inspired by collected treasures & memories from our home and our home away from home, our beloved caravan.

Day 6 - Sunshine. Inspired by my favourite colour, sunshine yellow, the happiest colour around.
Day 7 - Autumn. Inspired by the beautiful sepia tones of Autumn.. The fallen leaves remind me of old book pages & postcards from yesteryear.

This month I loved working with the same layout each day, playing with various colours, proportions and layers.  Autumn is always such a lovely time of year to capture in vignettes, there's so much to work with and so many colours to enjoy.  From rich scarlet hues to dappled sepia tones, the possibilities seem endless. 

To find out more about the wonderful seven vignettes community, pop over to Interiors Addict and be sure to check out the #sevenvignettes hashtag on Instagram.

Much Love


  1. This was sweet! I actually love this idea, and how you portrayed the idea altogether.

    I would love to see "holiday" themed ones, like Easter, and Christmas. That would be fun too. :)

  2. Love number six. I wondered how you would go displaying your vignettes once wee Tallow starts exploring. She will dragging a chair over to the mantle to take a closer check one day xo


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