Saturday, 10 May 2014

Making & Doing..

'A (sometimes) weekly document of little thoughts that dance around my head at 3am.'

May seems like the month of change, a time to prepare for winter, make changes and take action. It's this kind of shake up that always gets me motivated and as the days get shorter and colder a nudge in the right direction is a wonderful thing. I'm continuing aiming for a 20 min yoga practice each day and while some days I wish I could stretch the time further, it's just enough to refocus, become grounded and release the day. 

I was also thinking about doing a more regular meditation practice throughout May and funnily enough Kate was thinking the same thing. I love her idea of crochet meditation and while it's not completely letting go of all your thoughts, it's most certainly a lovely way to still yourself, even just for 10 mins. So I gathered my cotton yarn together in a little bag, along with a favourite hook and sat it by the fireplace, to remind myself to take a moment in the evening to take stock and create a little motif. I'm putting them all together at the end of the month to create a garland for Tallow. 

Yesterday I had my first half day away from Miss Tallow while I worked on a magazine photo shoot. It's been really exciting to get back into some freelance writing and styling and was a surreal experience to jump in the car and drive over the river (out of town) all alone.  I turned the radio up, put the window down and totally immersed myself in the beauty of the vineyards, citrus trees and autumn leaves.  It was amazing to get creative and a joy to be doing what I love, but I must say coming home was the most wonderful feeling and sitting on the floor reading 'That's not my Fairy' and cuddling my girl was the best bit of the day.    

I had one of those romancing the everyday moments the other morning when I made myself a piece of fresh homemade bread with home made organic berry chia jam (from this recipe) for breakfast. I didn't realise how something so simple could be so satisfying, but to know that I had put my heart and hands into everything on that plate, really was the nicest feeling. And I'll definitely be making the chia jam again.

I'm totally in love with our new kitchen.  I've never had so much bench space and such lovely big windows and I really would happily spend my whole day in there pottering around trying crazy recipes I find on Pinterest.  I also have a jar obsession, so this week I'm working on a plan to fashion a little bench top shelf to store them on.

Speaking of the weekend, I've decided to make this officially Mother's Weekend! I've claimed it and can't wait to work on some DIY projects, go out for breakfast and visit the hardware store (yes indeed, these days it's even more fun than the craft store).

I recently participated in The Creative Exchange, hosted by the lovely Dunne with Style. I had so much fun inst-stalking my recipient, the very talented Lauren and putting a creative package together for her. You can see (and read about) what I put together here.

I loved Gaby's sincere blog post and have been feeling like this lately too and Pia's blog post was so beautiful, raw and honest, it reminded me of what blogging is all about.  I miss the old blogging days and I know there is a whole post in this that I want to write, but for now I just have to put it out there. 

I can't wait for the release of this book, I'd love to go to one of these fabulous workshops and just adore these custom portraits.

I'm eyeing off this lovely kitchenware, looking forward to trying this yummy Loving Earth yogic banana bread recipe (such an inspiring site) and really want to try this lemon curd recipe

I'd love to set up a little road side shop like this one, I'm day dreaming about a little pair of chickens and making a cute chicken coop like this one and this looks like a fun way to spend a crafty afternoon.  

Have a most beautiful weekend! 
What are your Mother's Day plans?

Much Love


  1. That package looks so pretty. Love the tape, where did you get it? All the jars together are wonderful too.

  2. sophie! such wonderful goings on at your place! I've been loving your autumn inspired instagram pics, and I really must join that creative exchange….looks like so much fun. Good on your for committing to 20 minutes of yoga each day. I just started yoga this year, and LOVE it. My good friend has started classes in town, and it really is the best my body has ever felt, that I would love to ensure I practice everyday. Your homemade experiences sound wonderful (as does lovely bench space and jar obsessions!) Have a splendid Mother's Weekend! Thanks for linking up xx

  3. Beautiful Autumn colours in your photos. What recipe do you use to make your bread? I'd love to know more about it, mine never works out. x

  4. oh thanks for the link love! x


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