Friday, 23 May 2014

Making, Doing, Reading & Thinking..

Next week is the last week of May, my little girl will be eight months old and I've got a big to do list and plenty to catch up on before the end of the month.  But right now, it's Friday night and I'm looking forward to a weekend of catching up with friends, pottering in the garden, playing in the park and reveling in the last days of Autumn. 

I've finally got a tidy and organised studio space with a wonderful retro dining table to sew at and make wonderful crafty messes on! I can't wait until Tallow's big enough to join the fun. I'm already planning our crafty adventures.

My plan to never have to buy rocket or spinach again is working! My little rocket seedlings are powering along and my spinach and rainbow chard and flourishing too. There's nothing quite like greens straight from the garden. 

We got the ok from our landlord to get chickens! I am so excited!! Watch this space for some lovely ladies soon. 

This print is enchanting my heart as are all her gorgeous creations.

I loved Chantelle's beautiful honest post this week.  We've got to stick together mamas, you are all doing an amazing job and it's so important to keep the love and support flowing through the community. 

And I'm so inspired by the beautiful Ronnie and her daily blogging. I love reading about why others blog, it always gets me thinking about what makes me come back to this little space, week after week. 

Speaking of blogging, Holly's post about the future of blogging was a truly insightful read and so are the comments. There's so much to think about. 

I'm so happy that divine Amy had her ever incredibly inspiring Instagram account restored and I'd just love to be at the Spirit Weavers Gathering this week. 

This beautiful mandala makes me happy and as does Maisy's gorgeous bohemian world. 

I'm loving all these slipper patterns and can't decide which one to try first.

This guy and his amazing cakes totally blow my mind! Veggies rock!

And I'm totally adoring this gorgeous house (and property) and the sweet couple who call it home.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend of making & doing..
Much Love


  1. So many great links! I love Millie's work too. And how exciting about your chickens! Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Thanks Alice! Yes indeed, I am reading up on everything chicken related and planning how I'm going to decorate their little home. Can't wait!

  2. Well my lovely, you will be sending me on a right old meander through Blogland with these brilliant links.....thank you! :) x

    1. My pleasure lovely! So glad you enjoyed them too x

  3. I can't wait to go check out those links, all sound just refreshing! And at just the right time, I was hitting a bit of the blog-lull. Need to hunt for inspiration again! I am delighted for your chickens, my in laws have some and it is such a wonder to get fresh eggs each day. Here in Hawaii the chickens run WILD so though I do not have them, they are constantly keeping us giggling as they try to wake us from our slumber.

  4. Thanks Lindsay! Yes I'm feeling a bit the same way about blogs right now. So I am making sure I look out for lots of inspiring bits and pieces to share. So amazing to hear about life in Hawaii, sounds amazing, I love that the chickens just get to hang out. Have a wonderful week x


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