Friday, 16 May 2014

Finding My Balance..

Since Tallow's birth, I've been slowly working to reconnect with my body and mind. The first time I rolled out my yoga mat in those early newborn months, I walked away feeling totally disconnected, as if I was in someone else's body.  And it scared me. For the first time in my life, I felt like I didn't understand my body and was full of sadness and frustration that I wasn't the same person, that something had changed within me.  Later that day as I wrote down my thoughts and searched for inspiration, I stumbled upon Kirsten Hedges' gorgeous website and resonated so deeply with her thoughts on yoga, mindfulness and looking within to feel what was really going on.  So from that day I made a promise to myself, to be more mindful, to connect and honour myself and the journey I'd been through, to nourish my soul and find my way back to me.

Every day things get a little easier, as I remind myself to find the joy, embrace the moment and redefine what I think life should 'look like'. But still each day, I find myself still struggling to find balance between my role as a mother and my passion for my creative work.  And I always hope tomorrow will be different, that I might find a happy medium, only to wind up at the end of the day feeling the same result, like I'm falling behind somewhere.

I spent my precious 20 minutes on the yoga mat last night, bathed in the embracing glow of the full moon and felt a little magic in the air.  I tried my first Warrior III pose in my new mama body (a little shaky, but finding my centre) and as I did I listened to Elena Brower's blissful and life changing words, "Be so grateful for any moment of balance". And just like something within me shifted.

For in yoga and in life, balance is something that we are constantly searching for.  And it is finding it with mindfulness and gratitude,  rather than always needing to attain a perfect end result, that is truly important. So as I write my to do list today, I do so knowing that any moment of balance I find is a truly precious one.   And while I many not accomplish ever task on the list (some mundane and others fabulous lofty dreams) and I may not get to the second load of washing or feel I've been patient enough while Tallow explores her new world,  I am so grateful for the opportunity to wake up each morning and give it a red hot go. 

Much Love


  1. Sophie this post is perfect and just what I needed to hear today and has given me encouragement. So thank you very much. Realaising that we can't get everything done in one day or do what we did prior to.our little treasure sometimes takes a little while to adjust too. You have no idea how perfect this was post was for me.


  2. just wonderful Sophie! your journey to re-discovering your body after giving birth! I'm such a late comer to yoga, and the other day, I was staying waiting in line for something, and realised I was in Tarasina Pose…and at total balance in my body and mind….it was a wonderful feeling. Wishing you a glorious weekend xx

  3. I love this Sophie. So beautifully written, I found myself nodding with every sentence. Those moments we dedicate to ourselves are the ones when we remember who we are and will always be, no matter what. Yoga on, lovely lady! x

  4. Balance is very tricky I find Sophie and I am not necessarily talking about yoga. Thank goodness we have the opportunity to give it a red-hot-go each day. Today our community lost a young friend and without being too dramatic, it certainly puts everything in perspective. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. I wonder if you are caught up in One Night Stand fever? x

  5. So true, balance seems to be a constant theme around here. I feel like there is a constant shift in balance given where I'm at and the ever changing cycles that my children are growing through. Whenever either of us hit a milestone the balance seems to change a little. Finding balance used to overwhelm me but I've gradually grown to surrender to it - I still have my moments though. Yoga is such a goodie for connecting the physical with the emotional and mental, isn't it! xx

  6. So true, love. I always find comfort in the fact that at our center, there's a place that is always balanced. We only have to find it, and accept that it may not look as we imagined. Sending you lots and lots of love! xo

  7. It is so hard to find the balance after becoming a mother, especially as you say, with your creative self. I certainly felt that at the end of a day I was failing at one or the other. I think I beat myself up too much about it. Just go with the flow of the day and snatch moments of creative time when you can I guess! Eventually it all falls into place and you feel like yourself again, although a somewhat more tired version of yourself! ;)


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