Monday, 12 May 2014

Everyday Moments..

The fireplace - full of little vignettes, collected treasures and the occasional  stray cup of tea..
My first handmade Mother's Day card & herb garden bouquet..
Mother's Day breakfast - Spicy baked eggs.. 
One of my favourite nooks of the house - it never stays like this for very long..
Catching up on my motifs from last week..
An abundance of scarves hanging in the hallway, means winter is definitely on its way..

Much Love

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  1. a collection of wonderfully beautiful images as always!

  2. I thought about you yesterday on your first ever mother's day, I hope you had a gorgeous day with your beautiful family. xx

  3. Ah - love the colours! So beautiful!

    Congrats on your first Mother's Day, it really is a special one!

  4. I love seeing the pretty snippets of your home and life

  5. Awe, your mothers day looked perfect! I remember my first mums day, I was so excited, it was only 3yrs ago & this year I had my first mums day with my baby girl! I received a couple of painted sticks from my son, the best painted sticks ever!!!!

  6. all that beautiful colour..happy first mothers day to you!


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