Thursday, 15 May 2014

Everyday Ethical Style - Well Worn Boots..

Dress: Renee Loves Frances Cardigan: Thrifted
Scarf: Sacred Store (on a yoga retreat) Tights: Tightology
Boots: Vintage  

The scarves are out, the boots have been dusted off and the citrus is ripe and ready to pick.  Autumn is in full swing and while I would normally be hitting the shops on the lookout for pieces for winter, this year I'm more than happy to rethink my wardrobe, working in pieces I've had for years, with thrifted finds, vintage favourites and making the most of staple pieces.   

I found this vintage boots on Brunswick Street in 2011 and have worn them every year since.  And each year they get softer, more lovely and have more stories to tell.  I often wonder about the adventures they had before I found them, where they travelled to, the conversations they overheard.  These humble, well worn boots remind me that clothing is so much more than what we pull out of the wardrobe, it is an intimate encounter with the fabric of our lives.  And it's pieces that are made with love and care, bought from people passionate about what they do and who they work with, that come together to create outfits and memories that can't be bought or found in any chain store.

Much Love


  1. That is such a fantastic way to put things!

  2. I was pondering the exact same thoughts the other day. Oh the stories some pieces could tell huh?

  3. Hello Sophie! I am new to your blog! I adore your outfit here...I am an older gal, but could totally rock that dress :-) and I love scarves too! They are sort of a nice signature item.

  4. I've been re reading Down to earth today and been inspired to making do and reinvigorating old bits and pieces :)

  5. Where do you live? It's Spring where I am.


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