Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Thrifted Lately..

It seems like forever since my last thrifting post, most likely because it really has been! Over the past six months while Tallow wasn't at all impressed with going in the car, thrifting was pretty much out of the question, but since we've been back in Mildura and Tallow's out grown her dislike of the car, it's been so much easier to pop out  for a quick search of a thrift shop or two.  Before we moved we decluttered a great deal, so these days I'm not on the hunt for too much really, but every now and then when something catches my eye, I just can't resist bringing it home.  My rule is these days that my finds have to be both practical and beautiful and we are also enforcing a one in one out rule, especially in the kitchen, so only the best bits and pieces make it through the door. I'm pretty happy that these finds made the cut.  

I nearly left this tea set behind, until I realised I already owned the matching sugar bowl. So a week later I went back and thank goodness the thrifting fairies had been keeping an eye on it for me.  So lovely to complete the set. 

 Searching for floral linen & fabric might just be one of my favourite past times and I was delighted with this little stash.  The tea towel has already become Tallow's Easter present and I have plans for some cushions and bunting next. 

Now I promised I didn't need any more Pyrex but this cute pair were to lovely to leave behind.  And besides they are perfect for winter cooking! 

On my thrift wish list right now is a mid century style lounge, a vintage mirror and an old bath to plant herbs in. The perfect pair of jeans would be wonderful too!   

What have you been thrifting lately? 
What's on your wishlist?

Much Love


  1. Wow, it really has been such a long time between thrifting posts. For me too!!! I don't get to thrift anywhere near as much as in the past but I do love the occasional hunt in my lunch hour on the days that I work. I've found some lovely vintage floral linens lately (which I must say are getting hard to come by), just perfect for the new goodies I'm working on for my shop.
    I do love all of your finds. Especially those pyrex dishes. I'm always on the hunt for pyrex as my little brother has started a collection after spotting a feature about it in one of my frankie magazines.
    Happy thrifting lovely lady. Melinda xx

  2. Sophie I'm glad you didn't leave the tea set behind, it's to dye for!! So retro!! I don't thrift for a while, missing it so much. I heard there's a new flea market going on every 4th Saturday here so I'm gonna check it out and perhaps sell my stuff, so many things I have to get rid!

  3. Great finds! I love the photograph of the sheets drying in the sun, it's so dreamy.


  4. I love the colour of those Pyrex dishes! So lovely. A local school is hosting their yearly secondhand market next weekend, they always sell sooo much good stuff for a reasonable prize. I haven't been able to buy anything big as we've avoided buying a car until now. But with a CAR to carry all the pretty stuff ... *rolling up my sleeves* Can't wait!

  5. All worthwhile buys the Pyrex :)

  6. Oh you. I would have thrifted every single one of those treasures. Way to go Hun, they're delightful. I recently had a haul I shard some of in a blog post last week, which included an addition t the Pyrex collection.

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  8. I don't think I could've left those Pyrex dishes behind either. I love my vintage Pyrex--it's beautiful and functional. Perfect.

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