Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thirty Goals - Play with Watercolours..

It's not often I get a few free minutes to myself these days, but last week Miss Tallow enjoyed an extra long afternoon nap, so after I'd finished the bits and pieces I'd set myself to do while she slept, I was delighted to realise I had some free time to play.  A little while ago I bought a small water colour pan set and some paper in the hope that I might cross off one of my thirty goals.  I haven't tried painting since high school and have always loved the beautiful soft style of watercolours but never quite had the patience to play around with them.  I've since realised, I like my creative work to be immediate, I want to see results, make the vision I have in my head come to life quickly. I think this is why I love photography, writing and crochet, I know I can make a beanie in an evening or create and photograph a vignette in half an hour and why I love DIYs I can do in an afternoon.  So with a whisker of time and a dash of enthusiasm, I tentatively sat down with my paper, paints and a lovely Japanese ink pen my sister had bought me and set to work. 

What followed was truly fascinating.. It took so long for me to let go, to free myself of expectations.  I was so tight, wanting it all to be perfect.  After a while, I knew I had to try something different. I opened to a new page and started simply, with circles.  I chose colours I loved, didn't worry about pattern, just enjoyed the motions.  I reminded myself this was just for me, only me and to be kind to myself. After a little playing, this was my page..

A true reminder to be kind the artist within, especially when trying something new.  

Funnily enough, as much as I enjoyed playing with my watercolours, I also loved playing with lettering.  I haven't changed my handwriting since high school, so I decided rather than fighting it's natural kinks and curls, I would go with the flow and embrace where ever my hand wanted to go and it was the most liberated crafty experience I've enjoyed in a long time.    

I made a little piece for our home..

Something for Tallow's room..  

And a special reminder, inspired by Kate's gorgeous blog post

So what did I learn out of all of this.. To let go, to nourish myself without the need to be perfect or have my work look like something I've seen on Pinterest.  To be free and let my creative hands work as they choose.  So often I feel like I have to create something for a purpose and right now I'm loving just creating because it makes me happy.  

What have you been creating lately?
Much Love


  1. Love all that curly writing. Looks like you had a lovely time.

    1. Awww thank you! I've always wanted to learn lovely calligraphy, but I can't seem to shake my curly 90s style. x

  2. Ive wanted to start playing with water colors for the longest time. I just found my old colors yesterday, might have to paint today :)

    Pretty Lovely

    1. Oh yes! So much fun! I plan another painting adventure over the weekend. Enjoy! x

  3. Yes I'm one who looks immediate results too, at least I'm much more like that since having children. I used to do adult art classes, and the tinkling feeling of wanting to return has been in my soul for a while. Perhaps my soul needs the slower process in my busy home life. I love your creations and that you're letting go. The only creation I'm working on is some Easter craft for the blog.......think along the lines of vintage paper mâché Easter eggs and something reflective of that.


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