Thursday, 17 April 2014

Six Months..

Dearest Tallow,

Oh my sweet little girl, you are growing up so fast! Right now you are six and half months and my goodness that time have flown by! This month it seems you are learning something new everyday. You love to crawl (in your fabulous quirky style) and each day you are becoming a little more adventurous and eager to check out your new home.  You are Olive are becoming best of friends and you love giving her pats and kitty cuddles. After starting off a little unsure, you're growing to love dinner time (especially with Daddy) and you're favourite foods so far have been pumpkin, spinach and pears. You've made lots of lovely new friends this month and been to your very first birthday party. Although you've been a little bit shy around strangers lately, when you get to know people you're always full of smiles. Tallow you're quite the chatter box and in the last few weeks you've been full of cute words and sounds (ha, la, da and ta are your favourites to say especially loudly).  And guess what, you're finally enjoying little adventures in the car, which means our first family weekend away might finally be around the corner. Oh Miss Tallow Frankie, you're so much fun, you fill us with joy everyday and we are so lucky you found us!

You Like:
Your favourite book - That's not my puppy
Your favourite song - Happy (which you love to dance to with Mummy)
Playing in the backyard with Daddy
Helping Mummy put the washing out

You Dislike:
 Having your face wiped clean
Getting ready for bed
Strangers (until you get to know them)
Your highchair

We love you more than all the pretty Autumn leaves!

Much Love


  1. Oh Twallow you're such a sweet rainbow blessing to your mummy and daddy. Keeping s,idling bright little one.

  2. What a gorgeous little face! These babies are growing so quickly, where does time go?! I can't believe my Emilia is 6 months old already! xx

  3. So gorgeous! They really are growing and learning something new each day at that age xx

  4. Tallow looks like a lil princess in this pic. I'm glad she likes being in the car, means road trips!! Yehhh!!

  5. best book ever! My boys loved looking for the mouse on each page. She's so beautiful Soph! You've done well!


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