Friday, 4 April 2014

Making & Doing..

'A weekly document of little thoughts that dance around my head at 3am.'

Today Tallow and I went on our first thrifty outing since we've been back and I'm delighted that she was so content to dance (I love to dance to the thrift store music which always seems to suit the era of the wares) with me while I carried her and fossicked for treasures.  We scored some great vintage linen and a very sweet peacock embroidery which has already found a spot on the fireplace. 

I'm really excited about the new River Cottage series 'Hugh's Three Good Things'.  Hugh is always so inspiring and with guest judges like my girl crush the lovely Alys Fowler, it's sure to be a wonderful series, full of yummy ideas. 

I'm also loving the Autumn issue of Fete magazine.  Each article is so beautifully written and the photography never fails to inspire.  It's so lovely to see the beautiful Ronnie featured too. 

I've found my way back to the yoga mat and I couldn't be happier.  I'm aiming for 20 mins each day and the difference it makes is just amazing to my body and my soul. 

This weekend I can't wait to get stuck into the rest of our unpacking, which has been laying a little dormant while we've been working on our veggie garden over the past few weekends. 

I'm also looking forward to the farmers markets tomorrow and an afternoon play in our favourite park.  The simple weekends really are the best ones. 

And speaking of veggies we are making steady progress in our garden, with beans and peas popping up everywhere and plenty of leafy greens planted too.

I've been enjoying playing with watercolours and nurturing creating just for fun.  I'm also in the midst of a special month of seven vignettes as I style my grandmother's beautiful handwritten recipes (you can check them out on Instagram).  I love going to bed dreaming up ideas for the next days theme. 

I'm excited about a few projects I'm working on and a new blog series I'm starting next week celebrating wonderful makers and creatives. 

I'm already making plans to attend the next Seven Sisters Festival after reading Kate's beautiful blog post.  It looks like such an amazing event and it's almost impossible to resist a stay in a gorgeous Happy Glamper tent.

This recipe looks fabulous, I love this DIY  and this one and this mug needs to be in my kitchen immediately.

I think I'm starting to find the rhythm of our days, although I must say I'm looking forward to the end of daylight savings so the sun rises stops rising after 7:30am (although it does mean it's ok to still be in your pajamas at 10am, right?)  

I'm searching for a mint green enamel tea pot, I can't wait for the leaves to turn golden and I've decided that I'm totally ok with still believing in fairies (because I love the thought that someone is having fun playing under the pretty mushrooms sprouting in our garden). 

I'd love to know what you've been up to lately?
 Thrifted anything fabulous? Read anything great?

Happy Friday!
Much Love

PS. A big congratulations to Christina, the winner of the All About Heidi giveaway. I'll be in touch soon lovely! 

I'm joining in with the lovely Brenda over at 13 Acres for her new meme Weekly Reflections


  1. Such lovely ways to fill your days. I remember pottering about in op shops with my littles on tow. They would pick a vintage book, or help me find some great crockery. Our peas are popping up so quick's a delight when the garden takes off. Enjoy your Saturday Sophie and thanks for linking up xx

    1. Thanks so much lovely! Isn't lovely to see a happy garden! Your garden is looking amazing!

  2. Beautiful days filled with babu cuddles and adventures sounds wonderful Sophie. I'm working on clearing out and rearranging. I'm finally going to have my own creative/stock room that I won't have to share with hubby. We're both excited it'll work so much better for both of us.

  3. Great opshop find id have been laughing madly as I left the shop with peacock tucked under my arm.....

  4. Hi Sophie! Thanks for sharing a link to our DIY. That is so lovely of you. I love your beautiful internet space. Such gorgeous photos and artwork. xx

  5. YES!! I am so excited to be happy glamping neighbours next year at SS. I know you two will adore it as much as me and my girl did. xx

  6. I love the peacock and I've loved your vignettes (as always) - what a beautiful way to share some links to family! x

  7. It sounds like you've been filling your days with lots of lovely things and have even lovelier things on the horizon. Delighted to have just stumbled upon your lovely blog and all its amazing inspiration xx


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