Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Everyday Moments..

 There's perhaps nothing quite as lovely as homemade bread fresh from the oven..
Checking on the ripening oranges in the garden..
Currently on my bedside table..
Anzac Day baking.. 
Olive's favourite afternoon napping spot..
A sad and surreal sight - The beautiful Avoca at the mercy of the mighty Murray River..

Much Love

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  1. Tallow is one CUTE baby! I baked my own loaf last night for today's school lunch :) A lovely week to you Sophie.

  2. I feel sad about the Avoca Sophie...it is a terrible shame and seems so strange? On a brighter note your bread looks delicious. Fete is a beautiful magazine isn't it? x

  3. Your bread looks so good, much better than mine ever does. I might give it another go though. Tallow is just divine. I love her cheeky expression.

  4. oh bread envy! look at it, it looks divine…such a gorgeous capture of you and Tallow too and that yellow chair…swoon!

  5. What a sad sight to see the sinking boat. I saw your previous post and like the clothes in it.

  6. Mmmmm fresh bread. I dragged my bread maker out on the weekend and made a nice loaf to have with a big pot of vegetable and barley soup. Autumns comfort food !

  7. You always post such beautiful pictures. You make the bread look so majestic, it's amazing, haha!

    Good work.

    Naturally Jes


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