Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Decorating & Daisy Chain Love..

As part of my thirty goals for 2014, I really wanted to celebrate the seasons and embrace handmade holidays.  And what easier way than to decorate the fireplace throughout the year, with handmade and thrifted delights to create cheerful seasonal vignettes. I've missed having a fireplace so much! They are just the perfect place for pretty things and I'm extra in love with our new one, just check out that chevron brick!

 I always have a giggle when Easter rolls around and everywhere on Pinterest there's lovely pictures of Spring, pastels and flowers galore, while here in Australia we are in the midst of Autumn and I'm all about the beautiful leaves and golden hues.  One day I'll get really adventurous and decorate for Easter using Autumn colours, but this year I couldn't resist a joining the floral love and the one flower I love most for Easter decorating is daisies.  I'm not sure why but I always feel that daisies go hand in hand with Easter, perhaps it's that wonderful bright yellow or their simple sweetness. Either way, I think they are just a bit perfect! So alongside my handmade vignette, (made up of thrifted, gifted and handmade bits and pieces from around our home, including an embroidery by the fabulous Laura from Kit & Nancy) is my nod to the fabulous daisy.  My Easter decorating would not be complete without a little crochet garland.  Last year I made a rainbow of granny squares and this year I just couldn't resist a daisy chain. I've had a few lovely folks ask about the pattern (which I really just made up as I went along), so for those interested I've written it below. I hope it helps to add a little daisy love to your home this Easter!


Crochet Daisy Pattern..
(Note: Written using US terminology) 

You'll need: Yellow and white yarn (I used 4ply cotton) & a 5mm crochet hook 

To create one daisy -
Using yellow yarn, chain 4, then slip stitch to create a ring. 
Chain 2, then double crochet 11 times into the ring to create the centre of the daisy. Fasten off with a slip stitch. 
Change colours to white and chain 2. 
Then into the base of the same stitch, 2 treble crochet (tc), 1 double crochet (dc). This will make the first petal. 
Single crochet (sc) into the next stitch. 
Then (1 dc, 2 tc, 1 dc into the next stitch followed by a sc into the next stitch)*. 
Repeat * stitches around circle to create six petals with a sc between each. 
When you are back at the beginning, slip stitch into the base of the first petal and tie off and weave in ends.
Repeat to make as many as you like! 

To chain all the daisies together -
Chain 20 stitches, then take one of your daisies and slip stitch the daisy at the point where you tied off. 
Then chain another 20 and add your next daisy and continue until you make a fabulous daisy chain. 

Happy Easter Decorating!
Much Love


  1. A beautiful vignette. I'm so envious of that chevron brickwork!!

  2. This is all so beautiful! What a wonderful world your little one is growing up in. I adore your daisy chain and can think of a certain little girl who would love for me to make one for her. And your crochet hook! Magic!! xxx

  3. That daisy chain is so pretty, i wish I could crochet!

  4. So sweet, we have a developing little vignette happening from some thrifted treasures yesterday and some additions from the kids. Oh how you'll love the incidental treasures Tallow will find and include in your pursuits as you go along.

  5. Love the daisy garland- it's super cute!

  6. Your daisy chain is super cute and very cheery!



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