Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Heart of our Home..

As the days grow shorter and the mornings cooler, there is something wonderfully comforting about spending time in the kitchen.  It's made all the more special at the moment as I unpack my favourite vintage kitchen wares and family treasures and find my way around each corner and cupboard of our new home.  

It's been a long time between kitchens for us, as we created a pop up kitchen of sorts in our previous nest.  And while it did the job at the time, I longed for space, sunshine and a place I could really call the heart of our home.  Now I must admit the kitchen and I have not always had such a fond connection, in fact it has always been more of Ben's domain (he's the cook in the family). As cliche as it may sound, as soon as my motherly nesting instinct took hold, so did my desire to spend more time creating a warm and inviting kitchen. With big windows and a lovely view to the garden, our new kitchen is just right and as the warm morning sunshine fills each corner, I'm find myself smiling as I fill the kettle and delight in a quiet moment dreaming of what herbs I'd like to grow on the window sill.  

While one day we aspire to create a no waste kitchen, right now we are working on the little things we can do, to simplify and really enjoy the heart of our home.  We're planting our new veggie and herb gardens and planning to eventually enjoy at least one meal a day from our crops.  Composting, stockpiling, baby food making and preserving are all on our Autumn to do list, as well as our regular bread baking.  Autumn also calls for stock, soups and chutney to be made and Anzac biscuits and pumpkin scones to be baked.  And if there is anytime left over, we might even practise our mulled wine and ginger beer making, just in time for Christmas in July.

I love that there is always something to be done in the kitchen, a conversation to be had, a cat to feed or a cup if tea to enjoy.  It is where I find a little bit of romance in my everyday.
What's been happening in your kitchen lately?
Much Love


  1. Beautiful thoughts from your kitchen Sophie x

  2. Can feel the crisp autumn air in your words Sophie (luckily as it is still stinking hot up here in Briz). My kitchen ? Hopefully painting the damn thing so i can fully unpack all my treasures! mel x

  3. Your kitchen sounds like such an inviting place... I can almost smell those pumpkin scones :)

  4. You've created a lovely image of your kitchen . Hope it's not too long before you have your herbs. My kitchen is a little chaotic today, fruit and veg waiting to be put away, dogs barking to get their share of the BBQ chicken for lunch. ....Kiev's defrosting on the bench.....Compost bin needing to be taken out..... sigh..... :-)

  5. A gorgeous kitchen spot! I have a favourite corner of the house in my kitchen! Please oh please may you share your bread recipe with me? I'm trying all sorts of bread - but I truly want to find a loaf that is easy to slice for sandwiches and toast so that I can stop buying bread altogether :) Yours looks divine. Like you, we're on a sustainable food journey - hopefully in time (lots of time!) having a waste free kitchen.

  6. Kitchens are wonderful spaces. It's amazing how they just always seem to draw people into them so effortlessly. Enjoy!


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