Monday, 24 March 2014

Making & Doing..

A weekly document of little thoughts that dance around my head at 3am.'

These past few weeks I've been making our little house a home.. and I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful feeling it is.  While there is still much to be done (including the poor old guest room/studio that always gets left until last), our little cottage is slowly taking shape.

I've been testing out our little oven, which unfortunately has no fan, so I've been getting creative in order to stop everything from getting too brown on the bottom.  Jam drops and oaty biscuits, muffins, bread and lovely morning tea slice (recipe coming soon), have made the all important morning nap time cuppa that little bit special.

I've been finding sweet little moments here and there to delight in the beautiful pages of the new Kinfolk magazine and have also been enjoying 'An Offering of Leaves' by Ruth Lauer-Manenti, which the lovely Gaby suggested as one of her favourite yoga books. 

I'm loving Katie's gorgeous post on Simple Living and totally agree there are so many ways to go about living a more simple life. It really is all about the process than a definitive end result. 

I'm also loving Pip's How to Visit Daylsford post (it's definitely our next must visit spot) and Steph's handy wardrobe cleanse tips and Kate's inspiring post.

Our new veggie garden is underway with the soil prepared and seeds planted.  Now to be patient.. (not one of my best virtues I'm afraid).  In the mean time I'm enjoying my little potted herb garden and loving finding old dip tins to fill with fragrant herby delights.  

On the crochet hook, I  have been making a few cotton dish cloths and working on Tallow's baby blanket (yep she is six months next week and I haven't finished). Come to think of it, that might just make the perfect half birthday present. 

I've finally found a fabulous pink retro dining table which will make the perfect sewing table for my little studio.  Now if I can just get into the room (currently filled with boxes), I can't wait to set up the sewing machine and get to work on a few bits and pieces for my wardrobe and the couch.  

Autumn has well and truly arrived here and I've been searching eagerly for our socks, jumpers, blankets and cardigans which have been squirreled away for too long.  Now for a week  washing, airing and mending before the crisp mornings get any colder. 

I'm finally writing a special something very dear to my heart. I've spent years trying to work out how I wanted to put it together and have decided it's time to just dive right in. It's early days, but I'm looking forward to sharing more soon.

I'm fascinated by what's happening astrologically at the moment and always look forward to reading KV's insights on Aquarius Nation. I found this month's full moon reading particularly insightful and it's really helped to remind me to stop just dreaming and start doing.  Inspiring stuff!

Also inspiring,  this article, this list, this blog post, this tutorial and this gorgeous pantry

Wishing you a most glorious and inspiring week!
Much Love


  1. Gorgeous post! So many inspiring links. Can't wait to see you studio set up.

    1. Thanks Alice, I can't wait to have it set up! Just need a few extra hours in the day. x

  2. Oh i love everything about this post! All the links, all the love, all that you are achieving and dreaming of achieving! I have you in mind for a little link I'm planning! Off to email you now! xx

    1. Thanks so much lovely lady! So excited to join in your link up. xx

    2. thanks for linking up! oh that first link was a bit horrid, but I just changed it so your lovely picture comes up in my blog page now! Happy weekend lovely xx


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