Thursday, 13 March 2014

Finding the Blogging Groove..

Have you ever been offline for a few days and when you returned to 'blogland' it felt like you'd been away for a year? I've been feeling a bit like that this week.  While I was packing, moving and just being a mama, shops have opened, babies have been born, collaborations have unfolded and so many posts have been written, it kind of got me feeling a bit out of the loop. After dwelling on it for a morning, searching through my bloglovin feed for what I'd missed and trying to find my own groove to start writing again, (which mainly consisted of me staring at a blank screen, hoping Tallow wouldn't wake up from her nap), I found myself feeling not only uninspired but also quite anxious. So, I put the laptop screen down, walked away from the computer, unpacked a few boxes and you know what, the ideas started rolling.  I did the dishes and had a thought for a DIY. Funny how so often, when you're not looking for it, inspiration strikes. So I thought I might share a few things I've been trying this week, to get back into blogging and find my creative groove. 

Step away from the computer  - Trying to catch up on everything can be disheartening. Sometimes I find myself thinking, 'how did she do all that in one week?'. And it makes me doubt if I'll never get some of ideas off the ground. So my new strategy is simply this.. walk away. If reading blogs, checking out Pinterest or Instagram is not making you happy, then use that precious time to think, scribble notes and explore your own ideas. It's amazing what even half an hour can do. Go back refreshed and you'll see things in a totally different way. 

Get cleaning - Lost for ideas? When I hang the washing on the line or do the dishes, I often have ideas or see little things that inspire posts, make nice photos or just make me happy. Try it out, get lost in your thoughts, keep an open mind and you never know what you might notice. Be sure to make notes!

Have fun - Sometimes I feel this blogging caper has become too serious, so I say, just have fun! Put your favourite music on, dance, be a bit silly, funny and enjoy yourself. Not every post has to be totally life changing or complex. Remember you're writing for first and foremost for yourself.   

Dive in - That awkward 'sorry I haven't been around' line never sounds quite right. There's no need to be sorry for living life. Dive back in, share a few moments about what you've been up to and move on.  

Have a cuppa - Seriously. Make it slowly and with care. Choose the cup and saucer, smell the tea. This perhaps goes hand in had with closing the computer or hanging the washing on the line. When things get a little overwhelming, your inbox is overflowing, you have too many tabs open, your blog schedule is empty and time is not on your side, boil the kettle, have a cup of tea. It's amazing how much energy you can shift by focusing totally on another task. Sit down with a blank notebook page and if you feel like it, scribble ideas while your enjoying your tea. 

Check your archives - Chances are you have a great post just waiting to be written, updated or followed up. Go back through your archives and pat yourself on the back for all your hard work. 

Blogging is such an incredible, rewarding experience but sometimes, especially after a little time away it can be overwhelming too. This week I've been reminding myself to write my own story and find own way.  Everyone is running their own race, with different goals and aspirations. Write, take photos and blog because you love it, not because you feel like you have to keep up. It really is all about the journey. 

I'd love to hear your tricks too, how do you find your blogging groove?
Much Love


  1. I have totally been where you are a d it CAN be overwhelming to dive back in. I really appreciate these tips though because I will likely fall out of the loop again and need inspiration. Enjoy life and love the time away :)

  2. I totally hear you Soph....
    I'm completely decluttering my office as I type. :)
    Ronnie xo

  3. Yes, somehow the "apologize for living your real life" seems weird and in some ways it seems polite to do it too. Some weeks you achieve more and other weeks just cooking a meal may be enough. There will always be the ups and downs with real life and of course blogging about it to. It must be nice to be settled in again at your new/old town. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  4. So incredibly true…..I often feel like my head is spinning 24/7 and quite often get writers block- usually at the time when I cant afford too. I only have 1 maybe 2 hours a day I can blog away whilst kids are asleep and I try and do all my prep thinking in between (amongst playing, dishes, washing, nappy changes, art and craft projects…) …its crazy. Totally agree with what you wrote Sophie- often just walking away and I find a hot shower at night…thoughts come a racing! Hope you are settling into your new home…you are just up the river from me! I enjoy your blog….happy blogging and may those creative ideas keep flowing x

  5. Thank you for this, Sophie - it's a timely reminder for me, and written beautifully as always. Love your style. X

  6. inspiration is flying in the air, ready to be found, but not in computer screens :-)

  7. Yep, the best tip there is not to take it too seriously! Since I switched to my new blog, I average one post a week and am not fussed at all if I miss my own deadline. If it's no longer fun, or something I'm doing to enjoy myself then I just stop. And that I don't have many followers since I moved to the new blog would freak the hell out of most people, but for me it's like my own little space that I can come to without any obligation ... kind of nice really. Nice list here :)

  8. I have no idea. It's been too long! Since classes resumed last August, I feel like I've been busy every moment with school, attending field placements, or writing about the experiences--and, as a result, I never seem to have the energy for planning and writing posts. And sometimes it's the confidence that stops me.

    Regardless...I'm glad to see you back and getting settled!

  9. Some great tips here, Sophie - I've been feeling guilty and overwhelmed at just trying to do even one post a week lately. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to get my "big girl" camera out for Weekly Stills and feeling bad when I just didn't have the energy to deal with it at the moment. But, the iPhone and Instagram are just a-ok for when I'm feeling a bit run down - when things pick up again, I'm sure I'll pick up the DSLR again too.

  10. This was the perfect post to stumble upon in my Bloglovin Feed today. I was doing exactly what you said, getting stressed about how I have yet to write today's post. I feel stumped. Down. But then I read this and realized, it's time to step away. Go for a walk. Read. Create something away from the computer! I'm also a big fan of tuning into a design show online, they always leave me ready to MAKE and dream. Thank you for this today!!


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