Tuesday, 25 March 2014

10 Simple Ways to Spark Creativity..

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Oscar Wilde

I'm truly fascinated by the creative process, where ideas come from, how they can be so fleeting and how one day you can be bursting with potential creative genius and the next not a drop, especially when everyday life seems to be getting in the way. So for the days when there is a dry spell, I made a little list of simple ways to spark creative ideas. 

Write a list - Make list of five things you'd love to be doing right now. Don't worry about time, place, or money. Anything at all, anywhere at all! I promise this will get your creative soul soaring in no time. 

Make the Bed - A bed can make a really great work space, lots of room to spread out and squishy pillows to lounge on too! Perfect for afternoon naps and creative pursuits.  And the bonus, I find when I make the bed, I feel like the whole house is that little bit neater.   

Be Still - Find a quiet and comfy spot and still yourself.  Take some long slow breaths and just enjoy a quiet moment or two.

Bake Something - Dust off your grandma's cookbook and bake something yummy. While it's in the oven, phone a creative friend, invite them around, pop the kettle on and you're on your way to a wonderful and creative play date. 

Turn Your Phone Off - And once it's off, go outside, look around and enjoy the day.  Breathe it in, notice, listen, wander and pay attention to the details.

Organise Something - A shelf, your shoes, the pantry, your favourite collection, make it something you really enjoy.  Study items, flick through pages, think about why you love the style or colour.  This is sure to trigger an idea or two. 

Be Daring - Try a new shade of lipstick, a different hairstyle, tell someone a secret, write that email you've been worried about.  Just for a moment, feel invisible and watch what happens for the rest of the day.

Write a Letter - A real one, on paper (like this lovely letter Rin from Papered Thoughts wrote to me). Make it beautiful, like a little treasure map, with secrets and lovely bits and pieces.  It will make someone's day and it will make yours too.  

Plan an Adventure - Spin a globe, point to a destination and plan an adventure.  Make notes about where you would go, what you want to see and where you would stay.  If you put it out there, the universe might just find a way to make your adventure happen. 

Be Prepared - Whatever creative pursuit you have in mind, get everything organised and ready, so when the moment strikes you can dive right in, without having to search for USB cord, charge a battery or locate your favourite pen or crochet hook (trying looking down the back of the couch).

I truly believe creativity is hidden everywhere, sometimes in the most obvious of places, that at the time might be just out of sight. For more creative inspiration check out Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk on creativity.  It never fails to inspire me. 

Happy Creating! 
Much Love


  1. Ah, what a gorgeous list and so very true! Your lovely photos are a great trigger too. :)

  2. Love this post Sophie, it has given me hope that my creativity is still lurking, somewhere. Perhaps I should try looking down the back of the couch for it. But seriously, thank you, I feel inspired xx

  3. Great list!! I also find that organization sparks creativity. If I'm feeling uninspired or incredibly bored, I try to force myself to do something for just five minutes. Even if I have no desire to do the task, like cleaning off my overly chaotic desk, just putting a few items away is enough to shake off the boredom and get going!

  4. Thanks for that, I get so caught up in stuff that needs to be done around the house that I spend most days going around in circles. Tomorrow I will do just this :) Thank you Sophie x

  5. I love this list, it has given me some inspiration as my creative spark has definitely fizzled out lately! xx


  6. Perfect timing! I've being feeling a little bit creatively drained the last couple of weeks so I needed to read this today. Lovely ideas and gorgeous pics!!

    Katie xx


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