Saturday, 15 February 2014

Making, Doing & Thinking..

'A weekly document of little thoughts that dance around my head at 3am.'

It's been a strange week being surrounded by the last of our boxes, waiting for everything to come together to begin our next adventure.  While in limbo, it's been a great opportunity to really focus on what I want for our future and realising how I can make that a reality.

Although I don't watch much TV, I'm enjoying catching up on episodes of The Block right now.  I'm always fascinated by the design process and love seeing how the rooms come together.

I'm wishing I was in Sydney to check out all the fabulousness that is Life Instyle.  I love writing for the Life Instyle blog each month and can't wait to share some of my favourite Australian textile designers soon.  The new Bonnie and Neil collection is just incredible and I'm also loving Jason Grant's daily slices of gorgeous design on Instagram

I've finally got around to using Evernote and oh my what a life changer.  I'm feeling so excited to begin to put all my words into one place and start to make sense of all my ramblings. While there is nothing like good old journaling, when I'm up at 3am, it's the best.  

My other favourite tool to keep me going at 3am has to be Pinterest.  It never fails to ignite my creativity, especially at the moment as I dream up ideas for our new home.

I've been thinking a whole lot lately about ethical fashion and lifestyle choices and really working hard to find alternative choices for products I used to so easily pop out to the shops and buy.  Right now I'm on the hunt for ethical jeans as I think about the lovely upcoming Autumn weather in Mildura. There is a much bigger blog post about this topic that I will get around to writing one day when I can collect all my thoughts in one spot, as well as a long list of links and interesting websites I've been coming across. 

I'm loving this fabulous new project by Hailey Bartholomew, it's so great to see amazing people getting out there and really making changes in the world. 

I'm also super excited to see my inspiring friend, Luisa Brimble passionately pursuing her dream of Alphabet Family Journal.  It's sure to be an amazing magazine, so be sure to stop by and show your support for this wonderful project.  

It may sound silly but I'm really looking forward to wearing real shoes again. I've spent most of the summer barefoot and I just can't wait to tie up a pair of pretty oxfords and wander through the Autumn leaves. 

I'm eager to try this recipe, frame this quote for my wall, find a pair of jeans like this and try my hand at a macrame wall hanging (I can't get this one out of my head).

And do yourself a favour and stop by my beautiful friend Pia's blog and listen to the incredible song she has recently composed.  Truly magical! 

Home is never far from my mind at the moment, what it means, the making of it and why it feels so important to create a place to be together and grow as a family.  

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
Much Love


  1. I've never thought much about ethical clothing, mostly because I'm grossly uneducated about what is and isn't ethical clothing! I'll be very interested to see your post about that!

    1. Thanks Brooke, it is a really interesting and complex area and I certainly am only just beginning to feel my way around, but I feel like it's important to know where and how my clothing is made, so I am really glad you're interested too. Sophie x

  2. I was in that limbo two years ago, when we moved from a tiny apartment to a big one. That feeling when you're packing up the last boxes and see the rooms with fresh eyes because you know you will be leaving them ... It's kinda special. There are so many memories attached to each room in a house that we may not even be aware of until it's time to leave. Cherish every moment! Fresh beginnings :)

  3. so much joy in this post despite the in-betwixt-and-between state you are in
    Pip Lincolne (meet me at mikes) is doing a fabulous series about ethical clothing every week - maybe you've already seen it

    1. Awww thanks Ally! Yes it's so great to see Pip's posts. So great that she is helping spread the message. xx

  4. Moving always brings with it some string emotions. I couldn't do it too often that's for sure.
    I'm going pretty well with my ethical clothing pledge for 2014, I'm finding myself looking at what I already own and trying to mix and match a lot more.

    1. Yes I love that part Zara, I feel like it becomes quite creative when you have to rethink what you already own. Hope you are having a beautiful week!
      Sophie x


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