Friday, 21 February 2014


Today I am grateful for..

Finally finding the perfect little cottage.. and booking a flight to Mildura for next Thursday. Hooray for a new chapter!
My incredible husband.. for his love, courage and strength. I can't wait until next Thursday, it's been a very long few weeks.
Our beautiful Tallow.. That cheeky 4:30am smile is the most precious start to everyday.  
My parents.. they have helped in so many ways to make this time that little bit easier.  A few extra hours sleep, a hot meal and an extra hug means so much right now.
Our Mildura friends.. For all their amazing support and welcoming us back with open arms.
All of you.. Your comments and emails here and on Instagram always make my day and have helped me so much to stay positive and focused on the great adventures that await us.
Fresh homemade bread, apple crumble, afternoon swims, homegrown strawberries and perfect sunrises.

What are you grateful for today?
Much Love

PS. I almost forgot my awesome sister, for her help with Tallow, taking us out for smoothies and helping me sort through all my collections.  You're a lifesaver Phoe!


  1. Mildura will be welcoming you back with open arms. I know my daughter is hoping that you might be back for Yr 12 English next year :)

  2. Great to hear from you Sophie, safe travels to beautiful Mildura x

  3. Isn't it funny, I don't know you at all but I had a feeling you would go back to Mildura. I think you are amazing and brave. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures.

  4. what a lovely post..and what an amazing adventure you are embarking on!! cant wait to se pics of the cottage and Mildura!


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