Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February Seven Vignettes..

Before the month is over I thought I'd share my February seven vignettes.  Looking back on them now, there were so many emotions involved in making this series.  I created these the week we were packing up most of the house ready for Ben to drive to Mildura.  So each vignette was created was made using what was at hand, the tiny bits and pieces I could scavenge and easily transport with me.  The bottle that features throughout the series was a sweet gift from the lovely Pia.  Each vignette is its own little love story, a touch of whimsy romance in this month of love. 

Day 1 - Love. Inspired by an old world love found within well worn novel pages..

Day 2 - Purple. Inspired by film royalty & the old days of Broadway.

Day 3 - Water. Inspired by tales of the sea & the love story of the seamstress and the lighthouse keeper.

Day 4 - Handwritten. Inspired by a nearly 100 year old love letter, found in a suitcase in a little antique shop. Its recipient, My dear little Rose. Its sender, Your ever true Stan. And its contents, a reminder to follow your heart against all odds.

Day 5 - American. Inspired by the romance of Autumn in New York.

Day 5 - Local. Inspired by a little nest left in my garden by a local feathered friend.

Day 7 - Heart. Inspired by my heart's affection, the love of my life.

I really enjoyed the challenge of styling with what was at hand.  Wisps of flowers, vintage lace, old postcards and raw silk scarves from my wardrobe became the backdrop for my story telling.  My favourite day, well I can't go past Day seven, which I created just after Ben drove out of the driveway heading for our new home. There were definitely a few tears whilst piecing this one together.  My other favourite was day three, inspired by a story I began to write a few years back.  

Looking forward to the next round beginning on Saturday! My goodness this month has flown by!
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Much Love


  1. These are amazing! Loved started my day by looking at these today:)

  2. Sophie you are so creative! 7 vignettes are my fave feature in your blog, so inspiring, impossible to leave without a smile.

  3. i so love your vignettes, and im so in love with stans letter to rosie! what a treasure xx

  4. I loved all of these Sophie
    My fave was 7 too - but the water one (with its Tassie connection) drew me in as well

  5. Oh I love these! What a lovely idea, so pretty.

  6. This are completely stunning. I adore the one with the ship, it sailed me off into daydreams.

  7. I really need to try doing some vignettes. They look so pretty.


  8. These are so lovely! Great images and pieces! Xx, Tiffany | www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com


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