Thursday, 9 January 2014

Three Months..

Dearest Tallow,
You turned three months last week and my what a big month it's been! Our first Christmas together was so much fun, you got to spend time with all your family, play with your cousins and even hang out with your fabulous great nan.  Opening presents with you on Christmas morning was one of my favourite ever moments. You've done some serious growing and are almost ready for a whole new wardrobe! There's been lots of learning too and with a wonder week now in progress, I think you'll be rolling over in no time. You've decided the car isn't you're favourite place to be, so our trip back from Nanna and Jimpop's house took five hours instead of one. We are hoping you'll learn to like it soon, because we have lots of exciting adventures planned.  You've moved into the big girl's bath and you'd stay in there all day if you could.  It's been so hot lately, you've also had fun playing with us in the pool. We've sung songs, read stories and played lots of silly games. You love the airplane game with Daddy and you like it when Aunty Phoe, Nanny and I dance around like members of High 5. Your smile lights up the room and your determination is truly inspiring.  Miss Tallow you are growing up to be one amazing little person.
You Like:
Sophie Giraffe
The sound of your own voice
The swimming pool
You Dislike:
The carseat and car trips
Not being able to crawl already
Spending too long in one spot
We love you to the moon and back!
Much Love



  1. Her hair is gorgeous, such a cutie. xx

  2. What a beautiful little lady.. Mason hated the car too but here's some reassurance that eventually most babies do start loving the hum of a car. I try to sing over the top and loudly to Mason when he gets upset. Good luck, sweet Sophie! x

  3. This is so beautiful. She is so beautiful.

  4. Oh my goodness, she is just too cute! She looks like a very happy soul. x

  5. If only Jude had some of that hair!! She is looking very cute and accessorising already!

  6. oh the car! we've been through both car loving and car hating stages. it's tough.

    p.s. she's so cute! x


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