Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Thirty Fabulous Fun Goals for 2014..

Back at the beginning of 2012, I wrote a little list of fun goals to achieve throughout the year. IN years prior I'd always created these big resolutions that later seemed so intimidating and loomed over the year like an essay deadline. So  I decided in 2012 it was high time my goals we fun, inviting and achievable, they were after all just for me, so why shouldn't they be! Although in the past two years I haven't managed to tick off all of my thirty goals, I've been able to cross off many from my list and in the process found a nice balance in my own goal setting and feeling content to simply do my best.  
Looking back through my lists always gets me excited to dream up new things to as well as remind me of adventures I still need to have.  This year I really want to crafty, embrace family adventures and nourish my soul.  So here they are (in no particular order)...
1. Connect with the seasons
2. Read The Odyssey
3. Bake a weekly loaf of bread
4. Continue my ethical fashion journey
5. Make Nan's chutney recipe
6. Grow, harvest and blend my own tea
7. Practice yoga and meditation regularly
8. Create a scrapbook of Tallow's first year
9. Work on our caravan makeover
10. Take Tallow camping
11. Experiment with a new craft
12. Write MORE letters
13. Make Tallow some toys
14. Simplify our home
15. . Get a new piece of ink 
16. Have a stall at the local markets
17. Continue to grow our own fruit and veggies
18. Visit somewhere I've never been
19. Practice embroidery stitches
20. Play with water colours
21. Journal everyday
22. Reinvent date night
23. Embrace handmade holidays (especially Christmas)
24. Make do and mend
25. Crochet a blanket
26. Learn to play the ukulele
27. Organise the studio cupboard
28. Go surfing
29. Go to bed early
30. Live simply and love greatly
I really love my goals this year and have included a couple I didn't get to achieve in 2013 (like the ukulele playing).  Living simply and mindfully is really my focus this year and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.  I hope to capture all these goals on Instagram throughout the year and do some more regular updates here too.
So now it's over to you.. I'd love for you to share your goals for the year.  Big or small, one, thirty or somewhere in between, what are you doing to make 2014 one to remember?  If you've shared your goals on your blog, feel free to add your link below and share the love.  There is something very special in the air, I can feel it already. Here's to a magical 2014!
Much Love


  1. Great goals. Happy New Year! :-) x

  2. Fabulous goals Soph....your list is very similar to mine. Can't wait to put a post together and link up over the next day or so. 2014 is going to be grand xoxo

  3. Beautiful goals and a similar theme to my mindset at the moment.

  4. happy new year sophie and the sophettes!....not so much goals in my post but instructions?......lovely pic of you and sweet tallow. we are taking our van to Evans Head (far north coast NSW)in a few weeks....very excited. Al x

  5. Very different from my list, but your list is definitely more fun than mine ;) :

  6. A lovely list for 2014. I hope a little camping trip will happen for us this year too.x

  7. Hello Sophie, I love your goals. I am going to do that next year as I have one big goal for me this year and that will take alot of commitment. You look so content. Good luck with your goals, I know you will get there.

    1. Oh yes I did get married last year, I was Fiona Moll-Short.

  8. Lovely goals! Tallow will enjoy her scrapbook. My kids love looking through theirs! My goal this year is to document more. Take more photographs especially!

  9. I don't make NYE resolutions but I like yours. Simple - easy and achievable. We don't need to place unrealistic expectations on ourselves and create extra pressures.... "Live simply and Love greatly" captures it all x

  10. Such great goals! So inspiring :) X

  11. Great goal and achievable also. I have a list also, to eat cleaner, spend more quality time with the kids, finish my design course. Thanks for sharing yours. xox

  12. I love your list and some of your goals are similar to ones on my list. I have a list going live in the blog tomorrow I'll pop back and add a link. May you achieve all you set out to do this year. X

  13. Love your goals. I've dropped the whole resolution thing this year too and gone with a more "this is how I want to live" kind of approach. I have yoga and more sleep on my list too.
    Good luck and have fabulous year.

  14. Oh how lovely! :) I think I need to set some written goals this year too! :)

  15. Fun! You inspired me to make my own :) Thanks for sharing! xo Kat // Skapt

  16. These are great goals, Sophie - I look forward to seeing how your adventures go in 2014! :)

  17. I love your goals! Some of my goals for the year (and beyond) are similar--especially writing letters, practicing yoga, and journaling daily. I'm doing something new with resolutions, though--I'm focusing on just two small tasks: write and be brave. Those two goals encompass the themes of my year, and, in turn, the actual steps I want to take. Here's to a grand new year!

    oh, I wrote about choosing words for the year here: One Word

  18. Hello,
    First, happy new year to you and your lovely family.
    I just wanted to say: I salute you for your ethical fashion journey; you are setting a good example to many people. I personally do not shop and live a simple and green life on the mountains in Italy and stumbling upon your lovely blog was so refreshing. Brava :)

  19. I love your list of goals! They're very similar to the ones I usually set for myself each year, a mix of challenges as well as smaller things I'd just like to do at some point, either with the family or on my own. I was very happy to cross many things off my list this year. I've just found your blog via the 52 Project linky and was just continuing to read through some of your other recent posts. Thanks for inviting others to link up their 2014 goals! I wrote a post about this the other day, so I've linked up too :) Looking forward to reading more from you!

  20. Lovely list! I definitely want to write more letters too, which reminds me that I want to add finding a pen pal to my life list. It will be fun to check out everyone's goals, thanks for hosting a link party Sophie!

  21. Im a list addict and yours is amazing. Best of luck! Im trying the Yogi Sankalpa idea this year.

  22. I just love your goal list dear Sophie, every year you have the cutest goal on your list and also the most important ones like "live simply and love greatly" I love that about you...
    I'm still adding things on my list for this new year but one of the biggest is a challenge i just started, "the 365 project", one photo per day for 365 days. I have been meaning to practice my photography skills and be more committed to my little blog, so this seems like a perfect idea and i'm really excited about it! If you want to take a look, you can see the daily photos here:
    Much love to you dear Sophie! <3


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