Monday, 6 January 2014

My Word for 2014.. Nourish

It's amazing how one little word can really sum up a whole year.  In 2013, just by chance I chose embrace as my word of the year.  Within the first few weeks of January I found out I was pregnant and in that moment came a huge wave of emotions.  It had only been a little over four months since we lost our dear Cohen and everything was so raw, our world was only just beginning to rebuild and dealing with all the emotions that came with that positive test was totally overwhelming. It was my mum who during those early weeks reminded me to embrace whatever life had in store for me and it couldn't have been a better word to see me through the most amazing and emotional year of my life. 
Now as I embrace my incredible husband, my beautiful little girl and the memory of our precious Littlewing, I look to the future and the wonderful adventures that this year holds for us and it is the word nourish that encompasses my 2014. 
My goal this year is to live simply and love greatly, to nourish my family, my home, my garden, my work and myself.  As we continue our journey to get back to basics, to find simplicity in the everyday and become more self sufficient, I aim this year, to grow our little family consciously and mindfully. From what we eat and wear, to making do, growing more and finding the balance between want and need. For me this year is all about nourishing my world and the world around me.    

What's your word for 2014?
Much Love

PS. Thanks so much to everyone who joined in and shared their 2014 goals! I can't wait to check out what adventures you'll be having this year.  I'm leaving the link up open for the whole month, so feel free to join any time.


  1. I think you'll do a fine job nourishing....others and yourself! Mine has to be colour, I want to fill 2014 with more bright happy colours! :) x

  2. Thank you for that wonderful entry. I'm still mediating on my word of 2014. 2013 was such a crazy year with so much conflict and so many big changes for me, finally everything seems at rest. My instinct is to make my word explore. To explore the world, my creativity, myself and peace. I think you were searching for pen pals on instagram a little while ago, and I said if you would like to send me anything to spark my creativity again it would be much appreciated. I hope you got the message! Thank you! Roxy :-)

  3. Happy New Year to you, wonderful Sophie AND to your two loves too. Nourish is a great word! I think mine might be REACH. I need to reach up and out to put my dreams into reality and to continue to create beauty in my own way. Also to reach out to my loved ones who live far away and who are so worthy of love. My youngest is going to turn four this month and now that we are gently closing the door on fabulous babyhood I feel a newfound freedom to reach out further afield than I have for quite a while!

  4. wonderful! I wrote about my word(s) for this year which is 'let go' far so good, but it's not coming naturally to steps x

  5. my word too - many things I need to Nourish in my life starting with health and food but also relationships and dreams and goals.

  6. That is a great word for this year and your thoughts behind it are inspiring! I think everyone could do with nourishing all the wonderful things in they're life, I sometimes think people are to quick to see the bad and forget the good. I hope you have a wonderful year! X

  7. Lovely Sophie! I'm hoping to maintain some optimism this year - much needed after a challenging time last year.

  8. Beautiful post and vision. My word of the year is Connection-to place, to my community, to my true self, to meaningful ideas, and my own internal vision.


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