Saturday, 25 January 2014

Making & Doing..

'A weekly document of little thoughts that dance around my head at 3am.'
This week I've been watching old episodes of Grand Designs and have been dreaming up our own perfect home.  I'm currently fascinated by earth ships, log cabins and anything made my hand.
My process of decluttering our lives has been amazing.  I feel so much better knowing what we have is what we actually use and that what we didn't need is going to loving homes.  Next to refine and create a completely ethical wardrobe, a big project that I can't wait to tackle.
I couldn't be more proud of our little corn harvest, it's amazing to see what you can grow in a tiny area.  Next we have a mountain of lettuces and some lovely tomatoes on the way. 
I'm loving using my own herbs for tea and can't believe I haven't tried it earlier.  With the knowledgeable assistance of Healing Herbal Teas, I'm looking forward to a year full of lovely infusions. On the top of my list, perfecting my own Chai blend.
Memory capturing has been on my mind lately and I've been thinking about all the photos I need to print and get into albums.  I'm really inspired by this post and feel some scrapbooking is in order very soon.
I really want to paint something in Radiant Orchid - a chair perhaps?
Today I created a giant binder folder filled with magazine pages, stickers, envelopes, paper, cards and vintage ephemera, so that all my supplies are in one place.  After years of collecting random bits and pieces this was a triumphant moment and is going to make letter writing all the more fun.
After weeks of designing, making and photographing, I'm so excited that our new range of jewellery is available at Wilde Asher.  It's such a wonderful collaborative process working with my mum and sister and I love that each piece we create has a unique story to tell.
I'm thinking about creating (or rather getting Ben to help me create) a palette bed.  Loving this gorgeous example.
Loved this amazing blog post by Holly.  So powerful and inspiring!
On my wish list - a proving basket and a pretty dust pan and bush (how very domestic)
 And my inspiration for the week..
Hope you're having a beautiful weekend and Happy Australia Day for tomorrow!
Much Love


  1. an inspiring post!! sounds like you have a good dose of the new year/decluttering/getting organised/being creative vibe!!! xx

  2. Decluttering does bring such a lovely feeling! I keep meaning to try herbal teas again, but I never find that they taste as good as they smell!

  3. Thats so cool you are growing your own tea, I wanna do the same, done with tea bags. Im glad we can get delicious herbal tea in the local market once a week. Is your sister the main model in the wilde asher website? She is so pretty, make all the items look wonderful. The happy post is pretty interesting, wise words.

  4. So much inspiration in one post! We need to do a major declutter as well. I have always wanted to make my own teas. Do you have any posts on this already? If not, do please do one! I would love to see how you've done it!


  5. February is the month of DECLUTTER for us, especially now that we are finally moved in. I also want to create several Serene Spaces throughout our home, a porch garden, a craft area, places to muse and settle into!

  6. You should TOTALLY research cob houses, they are *amazing*!

    I hope you share your Chai recipe once it's achieved! I definitely want to make my own tea. Mmmm. I can't wait for Spring, so we can start planting!


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