Friday, 10 January 2014

January Seven Vignettes..

 I was so excited to see seven vignettes return for another year.  This time last year I began the seven vignettes challenge as a way to kick start my creativity again and throughout the year it was one of my very favourite create outlets.  I love the ephemeral and story telling nature of vignettes and I find as each month rolls around I'm always day dreaming up different themes, colour palettes and ideas.  To begin the year and being the middle of summer I wanted this month's vignettes to really embrace bright, bold colours and used my set of vintage Kingsley-ware cups as the this months stars..
Day 1- One. Inspired by one beautiful day for creating & dreaming.
Day 2 - New. Inspired by new ideas, scribbled in a new journal for the new year. 

 Day 3 - Anniversary. Inspired by @truthbejess's gorgeous print summer romance & love letters.

Day 4 - Favourite Gift. Inspired by my leather journal, one of my favourite gifts from my husband. 
Day 5 - Pair. Inspired by the cutest little pair of shoes around. 

Day 5 - Hangover. Inspired by my love for all things retro.. A fabulous pattern filled 'hangover' from the 60s & 70s.
 Day 7 - Fresh. Inspired by fresh produce from the garden & a necklace fresh from the studio workbench.
This month's stars.. One of my favourite ever thrift finds.. (which I just realised, I've never actually used for their intended purpose)
And a little outtake- Where I stash my props.
With some super fun and a few challenging themes, this month really had me thinking outside the box.  My favourite day was definitely 'Fresh', I just love how the colour palette turned out quite serendipitously.  As Seven Vignettes continues to grow, I'm always blown away by the wonderful, generous and supportive community.  It really is so much fun! Pop over to Interiors Addict for more info and to check out the amazing winner, Dee (@picturedthoughts) an absolute vignette master and inspiration.
Have a beautiful weekend!
Much Love


  1. oh! love all the retro colours :)! pretty pretty !!

  2. I LOVE SO MUCH your vignettes, always!! they are probably all in my pinterest account and I even thought about starting a folder there just for your vignettes but sounds like i'm creeping you :D you have great taste, a huuuuge imagination and creativity. you rock Sophie!

  3. Ahh such lovely photos. My sis in law Mezz introduced me to your blog and I am so happy! Have a wonderful day! Taz x

  4. I admire your styling so much, its so unique and so you! So glad Iv joined Instagram so I can follow along with your beautiful images more often :)

  5. Curious to know where you got those gorgeous scissors!


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