Friday, 31 May 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 23 Weeks

Dress: Thrifted Shirt: Cotton On (2012)
Top & Tights: Target
Shoes: Rivers Necklace: Wilde Asher 

An excitement fills the air as we embark on a new season, a new month and find ourselves that little bit closer to meeting our little bubba. After a day of constant rain showers, the clouds parted and made way for a divine amber glow to dance upon the evening sky. And I wandered through the our local park I realised this may be our last visit and that soon we will be searching for new places  to capture moments, to explore and make our own, place that we will soon share in a whole new way.  

I found this lovely tie dyed dress to wear during my soul adventure in the height of summer.  I had all but forgotten about it until I was packing up my clothes and found it amongst my Spring florals and was so delighted to find it was the perfect baby bump shape.  Not only that, it matched my most comfortable shoes, certainly the highlight of my wardrobe this week.  

With the weekend just around the corner, we already filling our days with lovely plans and much needed to dos. I can't wait for our date night this evening to see The Great Gatsby (I feel like I've been waiting for years to see this film!) Saturday brings some time in the garden transplanting our veggies ready for our move, a much needed trip to the markets and perhaps even a little thrifting. Sunday's a day of organisation, packing and even a spot of baby shopping (with the thousands of other excited parents to be). Here's to weekends with the ones you love! What are your plans for this lovely weekend?

Much Love

Thursday, 30 May 2013


I've been contemplating change over the past week, as Autumn draws to a close Winter greets us for a new season.  I feel as though I've only captured glimpses of my favourite season this year and yet it already makes way for cooler days, longer nights and mugs of peppermint tea to warm the soul.

I saw this quote by Gabrielle Blair recently and it has remained with me all week, especially as I sifted through a box of my grandmother's embroidered tablecloths and napkins yesterday.  Still vivid with the colour of yesteryear, I unravelled this tea tray cloth to find Autumn leaves mingling with Spring blossoms, a dance of the seasons, a nod to the passing of time.  

Each tiny stitch reflected my word for this year.. Embrace.  While I long to be unpacked and settled in our new nest already and so often daydream about meeting our little bubba in September, I am reminded to be present and truly enjoy the current season of my life.  Those moments of sheer delight and anxious wondering, restless nights, early morning kicks and the euphoric love that resonates in each special book we read and song we listen to as a little family. 

This is my current season and it is pretty wonderful indeed..

Wishing you a beautiful final day of Autumn or the most glorious beginnings of Summer sunshine.
Much Love

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Domestic Arts & Banana Bread..

Change is most certainly in the air this week.  An extra blanket on the bed, a warm pair of socks in the evening, packing up our bits and pieces and making the most of what's at hand. As Ben walked in the door this afternoon carrying the most lovely second hand change table he had discovered today, I was overwhelmed with joy and realised more than ever before just how much was changing in our little world. As we count down the weeks until we move, I'm finding a quiet calm in simple pleasures, unearthing beautiful family treasures and rainy afternoon baking.

Today I flipped through my grandmother's Domestic Arts School book from 1938.  From the general rules of ironing and washing silk stockings to comparing stewing and roasting methods and cooking tests, it was all there, lovingly written in beautiful cursive script, each page with a perfect red margin.  Inspired by its meticulous contents, well worn pages and dog eared recipes, my thoughts turned to a few frozen bananas waiting to be made into something delightful for afternoon tea.   

 Banana Bread (adapted from this recipe)
3 ripe bananas, mashed
1/3 cup of butter, softened
3/4 cup of brown sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 1/2 cups of organic flour
A pinch of salt
A good sprinkle of cinnamon

Add bananas and butter to a mixing bowl and combine using your favourite wooden spoon.  Then mix in sugar, egg and vanilla.  Add in baking powder, salt and cinnamon and finally mix in flour.  
Stir ingredients with love and pour into a lined loaf tin.  Bake for 35 - 40 mins in a 180°C oven. Best served warm with a little butter and a cup of your favourite tea. 

There is something remarkably comforting about baking for those you love, especially when you find your life once again packed up in boxes, patiently awaiting a new adventure.  

What have you been baking lately? 
Much Love

Monday, 27 May 2013

Everyday Moments..

Tag making and Vintage Treasure Hunt organising..
Cookie baking and rainy afternoon enjoying..
Puppy playing and hoodie loving..
Journal musing and book reading..
Polka dot wearing and baby shower invitation searching.. 
Thrift finding and childhood reminiscing..

Much Love

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 22 Weeks

 Dress: Mika & Gala (2011) Jacket: Thrifted
Jeans: Mavi Maternity (gift from my mum) Scarf: Sportsgirl (2012)
Boots: Vintage

Autumn sweeps through the beautiful Numinbah Valley, a little place that time has almost forgotten.   Logs are stacked awaiting an evening fire, maple leaves skip down main street and dappled sunlight dances through the pines. It's the season for flowing scarves and denim jackets. As I lace up my boots and feel the morning dew underfoot, I'm ever so delighted that Autumn has found this gorgeous little pocket of Queensland.  

We found this lovely park across the road from Ben's brother's home and snapped a few photos before heading off to my sister in law's baby shower last Sunday.  It's so lovely that she and I are due only eight weeks apart and it was such fun to catch up, discuss baby goodness and daydream about the adventures our little ones will have as they grow up together.  

  As winter approaches I'm hoping my little wardrobe of secondhand delights, vintage finds and a few maternity staples will see me through the cooler months.  As dresses now become a little too short, I'm beginning the restyling process by adding jeans and lovely layers.  Thank goodness for accessories and my beloved denim jacket that seems to fit no matter what. 

What are your plans for this lovely weekend ahead? We are heading north tomorrow to meet with our new midwife and check out the area we will soon be calling home.  I'm also looking forward to a little detour into hinterland for a potter through Maleny and Montville.

Much Love

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My World in May..

Once upon a time I used to write Sunday evening posts about what I'd been up to during the week.  I always liked reflecting on the little things that I'd been enjoying in life, the moments that are often forgotten as the seasons change and time passes on.  I also love to keep track of things I've been loving and been inspired by. Perhaps in the traditional fashion of journalling, I'll look back on these posts in many years to come and remember fondly that particular day or season. It's been a little while between posts like this, so I thought it might be nice to begin again.. Sharing the little bits from my world, to record the moments and remember the delightful details of each month.  

Weather: The most lovely Autumn evening.. At last Autumn has finally arrived in Brisbane, or perhaps it's the very first signs of Winter.  The faint smell of a roaring fire lingers on the horizon and I'm transported to another time and place, perhaps the beautiful world of yesteryear.  

Writing: A notebook filled with room ideas, decorating plans, lists for bubba and exciting to dos.  And journal pages slowly being brought taking shape, with deep thoughts, soul musings and gratitude for this amazing time in my life. 

Making: A little beanie here, a pom pom or two there and waiting for a quiet evening to begin work on my first blanket for our little one.  I'm also counting down the weeks until I can finally set up my sewing machine and start working on some lovely project for our new nest. 

Baking:  One of the joys of my desire to nest has been my increased love to bake for everyone around me.  Lemon pudding, chocolate chip cookies and pear crumble have been my recent offerings for family treats. 

Watching: My evenings have been made that little bit more delightful by catching up on old episodes of River Cottage.  It's such a feast for the senses and inspires me daily to continue our search for our own dream property and to live a most sustainable life.

Reading:  On my bedside table you'll find two of my favourite books I've read in a long time, Little Treasures: Made By Hand by Pia Jane Bijkerk and Wholefood Baking by Jude Blereau.  Both filled with so such gorgeous images and profoundly nurturing words and in their own special ways, filling my soul with love and joy.

Working on: I'm delighted to have a new collection of jewellery fresh from the studio up in the Wilde Asher shop today.  Inspired by eclectic global travels and fruity hues, Gypset Wanderings is our new ongoing festival collection and I'm loving the vibe so much, I'm already dreaming up new pieces to add over the coming months. 

Daydreaming about: Curling up during the winter by the fire, under the stars on the deck of our new nest, early morning walks of the beach and finding delightful new markets and shops to explore (if you live on the Sunshine Coast I'd love to know your favourite spots to visit). 

Inspired by: This month I'm being inspired by change, embracing the moments and learning that there is always a bigger picture.  I'm so grateful for amazing friendships and my incredible family who are bring such support and unconditional love to my world and who inspire me everyday. 

Excited about: A fabulous month of adventures in June.  Starting with the fabulous Vintage Treasure Hunt and Pop Up Shop where I'll be selling some of my much loved vintage wares with some of my favourite Brisbane collectors.  Later in the month, I've got a trip to Sydney planned, to spend the day with some truly amazing women  (more about that soon).  I'm also excited about adorable baby kicks! This super active little bubba already loves doing acrobatics at 5am. 

Looking forward to: After living the last eight months wondering where the road would lead us next, I'm really looking  forward to finally having a place to call our own, to settle down and prepare for our new journey.  With a calendar of full weekends and so many exciting things upon the horizon, it's lovely to stop for a moment, reflect  and be reminded of what is really important and how remarkable life truly is.  

Thank you for sharing in the little moments from my world in May. 
Much Love

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

*Bespoke* Magazine Giveaway..

 The fabulous ladies from *bespoke* magazine are on a mission.. to delight and inspire the creative community.  This gorgeous tri-annual Australian magazine is packed full of fabulous articles, DIYs, interviews and much more, showcasing wonderfully talented Australian and New Zealand creatives. 

  Now the new editors, Robyn and Elle and set to take *bespoke* to new heights, by doubling the size of their winter edition to 100 pages of creative goodness.  The winter edition is brimming with handmade delights and inspiring stories, including a little article by yours truly about keeping your creative fire burning during winter.  To make their dream reality, the *bespoke* team need your help with 400 pre-orders of the magazine are required by the 31st of May.  To find out how you pre-order your copy and support this fabulous creative endeavour, pop over to the *bespoke* blog for more information. 

And to share the *bespoke* love, Robyn & Elle have generously offered three copies of the Autumn issue of *bespoke* to giveaway to three lovely readers, valued at $15.95 each. 

To Enter the Giveaway:
To get your hands on one of these gorgeous limited edition magazines, simply leave a comment and tell me your favourite thing about Autumn

Earn Extra Entries:
Follow Her Library Adventures on Facebook
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~ Spread the love and show your support for the 100 page winter edition of *bespoke* on your blog, Twitter or Facebook (using this link)
Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry.

The *bespoke* magazine giveaway is open to everyone, worldwide. 
Entries close 11:59pm Tuesday the 28th of May Australian EST time.
A winner will be picked at random on the Wednesday the 29th of May. 

This Giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all those who entered and supported handmade! 
The three winners are Pod and Three Peas, Tender Roots and Zaranne Handmade.  I'll be in touch with you soon girls. 

Good luck and thank you for your support!
Much Love

Monday, 20 May 2013

Everyday Moments...

A burst of rose scented delight..
Delicate Autumn moments..
Sweet treats and most serendipitous moments with my dear soul friend..
Adventures to extraordinary spaces..
Baby shower sweetness for my sister in law.. 

Much Love

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 21 Weeks

 Dress: Thifted (Vintage) Shoes: Rivers
Brooch: Sconnie and Jam  Caravan: 1974 Franklin 

Mother's Day was the perfect occasion to potter up through the Sunshine Coast hinterland to visit Ben's parents for lovely lunch and catch up with our darling caravan Asher.  And of course while we were there, I couldn't resist taking a few photos to capture this special Mother's Day occasion with my most favourite of vintage accessories.  I'm so delighted that many of my vintage dresses are still fitting my ever growing bump and it was such a treat to match my favourite Sconnie and Jam brooch with my dress and the caravan.   We are so looking forward to being a little closer to Ben's parents after we move and can't wait to spend a few lovely weekends working on Asher's long overdue makeover (that is Ben will be working and I'll be giving orders and choosing pretty colours).  
How delightful, the beauty of the weekend is upon us again. And what a fun filled weekend I have in store.  Tomorrow the gorgeous Steph and I are off on a fabulous Saturday adventure and I just can't wait! Sunday brings my lovely sister in law's baby shower (we are due only eight weeks apart) and no doubt much discussion about all kinds of bubba goodness.  What do you have planned this weekend?

Much Love

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Finding Inspiration..

Inspiration found me today in the form a of wondrous little maple tree down the street.  I had long given up on catching a glimpse of this perfect Autumn splendour which I so dearly missed.  And there it was all this time, just a few houses away, bursting with enchanting golden leaves, with so many stories to tell. 

The little maple whispered to my soul to make a cup of tea and nestle down with my journal... To revel in this fleeting moment just a little longer.  As the old grey clouds engulfed the sky, its calling could no longer be ignored. 

Leaves were gathered, patterns admired, pages torn, tea sipped and quiet moments embraced.

An Autumn recipe here, an inspiring quote there, finished with a map of my birthplace, a little tape and a gentle leaf pressed within the much loved pages.  

 Thank you for the inspiration little maple tree, it was wonderful to make your acquaintance.  Your leaves will be greatly treasured as a reminder of the changing seasons, fleeting moments and precious afternoons. 

Where has inspiration found you of late?
Much Love

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Do What You Can..

This morning I had one of those mornings.  I'm not quite sure how it began, I have a feeling it might of had something to do with reading the news about the new Budget or perhaps it was just pregnancy hormones. Whatever the case, I had got myself in a right flap.  Sometimes I'm a can be an emotional little Cancerian soul and over the years have found ways to move quickly through my teary, crabby moments.  Listening to a fabulous song, watering the garden, having a cup of tea or even spending a few moments on Pinterest can usually do the trick, but this morning the bee was firmly stuck in my bonnet.  

 All of a sudden I felt totally overwhelmed and unprepared for the arrival of our little bubba, even though I have a few good months up my sleeve.  We're not moving into our new nest until next month and as I began to think of all the things I wanted to do, needed to gather and dreamed of creating for our new space, my nesting nature went into overdrive and the state of limbo I'd been experiencing, engulfed my thoughts.   

I sat down at the computer to try and take my mind off things and it only seemed to make matters worse.  Pinterest was flooded with beautiful homes and nurseries, lovely things to make and buy, leaving me feeling even more upset, like somehow I wasn't doing enough for my little adventurer.  As I exited Pinterest in a huff, I remembered this quote. 

The most lovely and humbling reminder, to do what you can, for right now.  So, with a newfound sense of enthusiasm and inspired by my gorgeous friend Gabby, I retrieved my yarn stash and found a lovely and simple baby blanket pattern to begin making.   

I thought I'd share my 'little bee in my bonnet story' with you, in case you've had one of those 'feeling overwhelmed' moments lately too.  I love being reminded by a simple few words, to see a frustrating situation from a new perspective. 

Wishing you a lovely and inspiring Wednesday.
Much Love

Monday, 13 May 2013

Everyday Moments..

Twenty-one weeks and three days, enjoying Mother's Day and visiting our darling caravan
Mother's Day baking ... Apple tea cake in the making
On the table, ready for afternoon tea
Gorgeous native bouquet from the markets 
Currently reading...
Letter writing adventures.. for my dear friend Tara

Much Love

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Secondhand Maternity Style - 20 Weeks

Top: Adrift (2012) Jeans: Mavi Maternity (gift from my mum)
Singlet: Thrifted  Shoes: Emerson
Sunglasses: c/o Mix Apparel 

A sea change, a fresh start upon the horizon and a nest to grow our little family.  Twenty weeks brought with it so many emotions, memories from the past and dreams for the future.  Seeing our amazing little bubba dancing joyfully about during our 20 week scan was nothing short of breathtaking. Hearing the words, beautiful and perfect meant so much more to us than anyone in that room could have imagined.  We held hands as tight as we could, smiled with such joy and relief as we realised we were about to embark on the next stage on this remarkable journey of parenthood, one that is a brand new adventure.  

Ben took these photos as we wandered through the Noosa National Park on a gorgeous, mystical Sunday last weekend.  Realising our new home would be only a ten minute drive away, we began dreaming about our soon to be family weekends by the beach, searching for koalas high in the eucalypts and fossicking for treasures.   Nothing short of perfect.

I hope your weekend is off to a beautiful start! 
And a big hug and happy Mother's Day to every mother, grandmother, mama-to-be and fur baby mama. Wishing you a day full of love, joy and handmade goodness!

Much Love