Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Journal Pages..

One upon a time, I could fill an inspiration journal in a matter of months.. These days, well this journal still has many pages to fill and it's into its third year.  And that's totally fine by me. I'm really enjoying taking my time and watching the evolution of my aesthetics and design ideas over the years, but it did get me pondering why I haven't been picking up my trusty glue and scissors like I used to.. and then it struck me, I think Pinterest might have a little something to do with it. So as much as I enjoy Pinterest, I've decided this year, I'm spending a little bit more time going old school and devoting more afternoons to journal page making on the floor with a big stash of beautiful magazines. Here are a few pages from this afternoon..

Finds From Design.. Inspired by bright florals, modern prints and clever ladies. 

Modern Classics.. Inspired by globe trotting and bright ideas.

 Vivid Imagination.. Inspired by garden greens, vintage kitchens and tales of adventure.

If your a bit of a journal nerd like me and like to know all the lovely papery details.. This is an A4  hard cover sketchbook from an art supplies shop.  I've been using them for years for my inspiration journals and I love them! Perfect for making lovely double page spreads and for fitting in whole magazine pages. 

I'd love to know, are you an old school journal keeper? Do you still keep a scrapbook or pin board for inspiring bits and pieces or do you find Pinterest more accessible these days? 

Much Love

PS. I made a little film this afternoon of my page making process on Vine.  It's a super fun little app and I'm really enjoying capturing random creative moments.  You can find me @Her Library Adventures. 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Studio Love..

I was so delighted to see the sun shining this morning.. It filled me with inspiration and a wonderful burst of motivation to get stuck into organising our new Wilde Asher studio.  I was hoping to get some bits and pieces over the weekend but with the wild weather that wasn't a possibility, so I was pumped to get out today and pick up a cork board and a great set of drawers from Ikea to stash my craft supplies.  One I got home and began sorting, I was filled with ideas and couldn't wait to bring the first part of the studio together, which includes my desk and favourite inspiring treasures as well as the blog corner. I've finally got a window behind my desk, with a lovely garden view and outside is the perfect fence to hang few potted herbs to add to the scenery. I can feel another project waiting to happen.  Although I'm still working on finishing off a few details of this area I couldn't resist taking a few photos this afternoon.

Most of my treasures are have been thrifted over the years and a few pieces were given to me by my Nan.  The lovely ducks are by Delila Devine and the beautiful Johnson inspired embroidery was created by the super talented Laura.  Oh and the little sleepy owl is from Typo. 

My favourite bits right now.. The canister of vintage wallpaper, the fabulous music stand my uncle thrifted for me and my new inspiration board, full of colour and fun!

I'm so excited about my new space and can't wait to start tackling the Wilde Asher side of the studio, organising a wonderful new collection of vintage pieces and getting back into work to  finishing designing my first jewellery collection.  

I just love how inspiring a new space can be!
Much Love

Monday, 28 January 2013

Rainy Days, Indoor Ways and Helping Hands..

My goodness what a wild few days it's been here in Queensland. With four days of constant rain and high winds we have been very lucky indeed that we still have power and that the house has only had some minor flooding in the garden. I'm happy to say it's only my veggie garden that has wet feet.  

With roads closed and wild winds about, it's been the kind of indoor weather that's perfect for.. 
Baking scones and drinking tea..

Games of Scrabble..

A spot of crochet..

And reading gorgeous books.. Pia's is one of my very favourites.

And while I'm so thankful that my family and I are safe and dry, my love, thoughts and prayers  go out to all those being affected by the storms and flooding that now stretches throughout Queensland and New South Wales.  With rising tides over the coming days, some areas are still very much being affected and will be for days to come.  At times like like this I just feel like I want to start wandering the streets and helping people in need.  If you would like to send your support, Red Cross has set up a Flood Appeal. Baked Relief has also been set up again and are doing an amazing job of feeding the wonderful volunteers you are providing much needed services around the region.  I'm also looking for other ways to help. If you know of any please leave a comment and let me know, so I can pop them up on the blog. 

Stay safe everyone!
Much Love

Friday, 25 January 2013

Colour My Friday..

It's been overcast and rainy here in sunny Queensland for the past two days and it looks like this weather is set in for a few more days to come.  So I've decided to inject a little colour into my Friday and liven up this grey old day.  

This gorgeous little retro enamel teapot was waiting for me at the thrift shop this morning and I'm ever so delighted! Who can resist floral houses and giant flowers!

Even though the days have been grey, the beautiful summer nectarines make everything a little brighter. 

And my ultimate rainy day fun.. Rediscovering fabulous past issues of my favourite magazines, usually with glue and scissors in hand. Today it's Inside Out for a whole lot of colour and home d├ęcor love!

What's your favourite way to spend a rainy day?
Much Love

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Just For Fun.. Hanging Teacups

Just for fun, why don't you.. Hang some pretty teacups from a tree.

How - You'll need some pretty teacups with sturdy handles, some twine and a low hanging branch. You could even add flowers or herbs for a little something extra.  

When - They would be perfect decorations for a garden party, bridal shower, high tea or baby shower.  Or why not just use some thrifted tea cups and keep them in the garden as a lovely feature, perhaps even add a little bird seed for passing feathered friends.     

Why-  I love making use of every day objects to decorate and quirky cups are such a lovely way to brighten up an outdoor setting.  They will certainly grabbed your visitors attention.  It also reminds me of the film, Harriet the Spy and the beautiful artist's house they visited one afternoon, brimming of wonderful creations and a tree filled with colourful soda bottles.  And of course, it's a little Alice in Wonderland too. 

I love adding a little fun and colour to my everyday world and am looking forward to sharing more just for fun ideas soon!

Much Love

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Special Day..

Today was one of those very special days.. Any day is wonderful when I get to spend it with my three favourite girls, my Mum, my Sister and my fabulous Nan, but today was extra special because we were also celebrating, in loving memory, our Pop's birthday. 

The day was just beautiful and perfect weather for a lovely lunch at the Southport Yacht Club, over looking the picturesque marina.  

And of course no special girls outing is complete without a spot of shopping, so we ventured over to the Ferry Road Market and enjoyed some lovely treats and delightful boutiques.

Beautiful pops of colour from St. Barts and The Tea Centre

It means so much to me to be back living so close to my family, especially my Nan.  I missed her so much while I was living in Mildura.  Being able to pop down to the Gold Coast and take her out to lunch and go shopping together is such a delight and something I truly treasure. She will be 88 in May and she is still one of the most fabulously dressed girls in town and such an incredible inspiration. 

And the man of the day.. A beautiful reminder of my amazing Pop, one of my greatest inspirations and a true gentleman, who is always in my heart.  This is one of my favourite photos, he reminds me of Carey Grant. 

Here's to celebrating special days! 

Much Love

Monday, 21 January 2013

Nurturing Your Creative Soul..

As many of you know, over the past five months I've been rediscovering my creative soul.. Day by day, I've journeyed from a place of feeling as though I had lost my little world of creativity forever, to now waking up in the morning, so excited to fill the day with making, writing and capturing delightful moments.  For me, the process of nurturing my creative soul has been truly life changing and has made me so grateful for every precious moment life offers.  So I thought I'd share some of the things that have really helped me to find my creative place in the world.   

Start off small - Taking small steps has been so important to me in finding myself again, building my confidence and becoming more in touch with my creative soul. So often I felt like I had to throw myself back into the deep end and I knew I just wasn't ready, so I spent time allowing myself to readjust and enjoy the moments. A few small steps I took included, keeping a notebook with me at all times (but never pushing myself to write a great deal, just little things, like lists and quotes when I felt like it), finding my way back to social media by setting myself a goal of taking one inspiring photo for Instagram each day and only blogging when I really wanted to, not because I felt I had to. 

Go in search of inspiration - For me, one of my greatest joys is to feel inspired, so one of my first steps to nurture myself, was to pick up my favourite inspiring books, make a big pot of tea and read them cover to cover.  These include, Etcetera, My Heart Wanders, Velvet Pears, Writing Down the Downs and Succulent Wild Woman.  Pinterest is always a wonderful source, but in the early days I found it hitting too many tender spots, so I found myself looking back through old magazines instead and spending as much time as I could in the garden.  It's amazing what fresh air can do for the soul.  

Take time for yourself -  I found, to truly nurture my creative soul I had to spend time my myself.  In saying that, I also found spending time alone to be both the most daunting and wonderful experience all at the same time. And it was all to do with the chatter inside my head.  Once I was able to stop the chatter and the negative thoughts, there was a beautiful moment of stillness and a little shining beam of light trying to break through the storm clouds. So each day now, I concentrate on that beautiful, encouraging beam of light, that I know will nurture all my dreams and ideas and help them grow.  Spending time alone in silence, is a truly amazing and healing experience.   

Write everything down - Ideas are so fleeting, I often feel if you could visualise them, they might take the shape of tiny butterflies, so delicate and ephemeral that they might disappear at any moment.   So I decided very early on, that I needed to capture my thoughts in ink.  So many times I've thought, 'oh that's so silly, it will never work' and then later really regretted at least not giving my little idea and chance to blossom.  I've always been a lover of notebooks and now perhaps more than ever, I allow myself to scribble, ponder, rework and dream all over the pages, no matter how crazy my ideas may seem at the time.   

Be kind to yourself - We are by our nature, our own toughest critics, which can be very useful in certain situations, particularly when you are working on an important project, however it can be very difficult to turn off that inner critic, especially when you really need to.  I wrote a little while ago about being kind to yourself and through my journey I've found it to be the most wonderful advice I've been given.  I think what I've learnt most about my inner critic comes from teaching creative writing.  The idea is that write first, enjoy it and then edit later.  These days I take the same approach with anything creative that I do.  I just allow myself to create.  It might be great, or it might be rubbish, the real point is just making it happen.  It's so nice to just make things, take photographs, try out new ideas and not feel like I have my 'internal panel of creative judges' waiting to critique my work.  So be kind to yourself, tell your inner Matt Preston to go shopping for cravats, so you can enjoy the afternoon making a wonderful creative mess.

I hope that some of these thoughts might resonate with you too and I'd love to hear about what you do to nurture your creative soul.

I'm also very excited share with you, that I'm currently creating an E-Course all about embracing creativity.  It is such a joyous and inspiring experience and I can't wait to share more about it with you soon.

Much Love

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Weekend Adventures - Northern Rivers

After our fabulous adventure to Bangalow last weekend, we were eager to continue exploring the Northern Rivers area, so this weekend we took our search for lovely shops and delightful spots a little further west, spending the day meandering through Uki, Nimbin, Clunes and finishing off at our favourite weekend spot, Byron Bay. Neither of us had really explored into the beautiful mountains behind Byron Bay and we were delighted to find a wonderful and diverse region brimming with colour and character. 

Our first stop was Uki, to enjoy their wonderful heritage buildings, gorgeous bookshop and lovely community atmosphere.

We then continued under the majestic Mount Warning and through some beautiful scenery to the  eclectic town of Nimbin.  

It's tricky to describe Nimbin in only a few sentences.  It really is a place that must be experienced first hand.  The shop fronts reminded me of vintage bohemian carnival stalls and radiated such wonderful colour and joy.  Every where you look, vibrant patterns and enchanting hues, transform the everyday into something truly unique. 

 And my favourite shop just had to be The Green Bank.  Filled with incredible locally made delights, sustainable wares, beautiful teas and the most wonderful 'fairy' doll house I've ever seen, The Green Bank is a truly beautiful and inspiring place to visit.  

As the meandered back down from the mountains towards the ocean, we stumbled across The Channon, famous for it's craft market (which I can't wait to go back to) and the lovely village of Clunes just outside Bangalow. 

One of the treasures in Clunes is the delightful Old Romantic Shack, a little treasure trove of traditional tea sets, vintage treats and the sweetest little courtyard full of blossoming hydrangeas. 

As a rain clouds began to creep over the mountains, we made our way to Byron Bay for a late lunch at Fish Heads, over looking the iconic light house.  And on the way to the restaurant I spotted my new love in the car park.. 

The perfect retro orange Kombi, complete with sweet floral paintwork and a killer set of eye lashes.  What's not to love!

A most wonderful way to end, another fabulous Saturday full of adventures. I can't wait to see where our travels lead us next weekend.

What have you been up to this weekend? I'd love to hear about your adventures too!

Much Love

Friday, 18 January 2013

A Love Affair with Colour..

Never in my life have I been so in love with colour as I am right now.  It's as if someone has flicked the high definition switch in my mind and now my world is just bursting with such remarkable beauty, I don't know what to capture first.  

These are a few of my favourite colours this week.  Bit and pieces that keep drawing my soul to enjoy their delicious splendour.

The most delightful tiny ginger canister, in the richest shade of sherbet orange
 A Johnson sunflower, which always adds a little sunshine to my morning 
Peach and vanilla roses dancing beyond the canvas of a much treasured painting 
One of my great-grandmother's beautiful tea cups, which after all these years still holds the beauty and grace of her cherished afternoon tea parties

Wishing you a sweetly coloured Friday!
Much Love

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Inspired & Loving..

This week I'm inspired by taking little (and big) creative steps and nurturing new ideas.  I'm also inspired by the January issue of Country Style and it's marvellous cover, featuring Frankie the caravan, owned by the gorgeous Kara Rosenlurd .  I'm also loving.. Pia's amazing new project Little Treasures: Made By Hand, this gorgeous globe trotting blog, this fabulous vintage watchmaker's cabinet, these wonderful ways to use twigs, this amazing wallpaper,  Lucy King's irresistible melamine plates and Megan's beautifully photographed pesto recipe (note to self: make more pesto!)

What's inspiring you this week?
Much Love

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Crafty Project - Stitchy Leaf Garland

I just love garlands and whole heartedly feel they should not just be left for special occasions, so I've decided this year to add a garland or several about the place, just to add a little something extra to my favourite walls. I also often find myself wanting to make craft projects from bits and pieces I don't have in my stash, which I have come to realise just means adding more things to my crafty suitcase, instead of making do.  So this year, I'm really focusing on making use of what's in my stash to craft some fun and easy projects.  Here's all you need to make a stitchy leaf garland. 

You'll Need: Some felt (in the colour of your choice, cut into about twenty leaf shapes), four different coloured threads, a long piece of ric rac and a needle and scissors. 

To Make It: This is one of those lovely projects which is perfect for an evening watching one of your favourite films.  Simply work your way down each leaf in a cross stitch patten in your  various chosen colours.  Once complete, arrange as you like onto your of ric-rac and stitch on the top of each leaf. Then all you have to do is find somewhere sweet to hang your garland (washi tape works a treat for this) and you're done.

 The beauty of garlands is they can be hung just about anywhere, I love them around frames, above the bed or to add a little something special to a bookshelf.  

I'd love to know what crafty messes you've been making lately too!
Much Love

PS. My lovely artworks are by Truth.Be.Told (print) and Love Mae (Wall Decal)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Experimenting with Polaroids..

One of my goals from last year was to buy some film for the Polaroid cameras I had been collecting.  So as a treat before we set off on our adventures with Asher, I bought two packets of Impossible Project film for one of my favourite cameras.  However, once we got to Brisbane, I totally forgot about my film for a few weeks, while my Polaroid camera was hanging out in Asher, so I think the film might have become a little too warm, because this is what my first packet turned out like.  

Over the past few days, I've been experimenting with the film, altering the settings and conditions with some interesting and abstract results, but not quite what I expected.  After going through a few of the instructions again, I realised that I probably hadn't used the film quick enough and of course that it probably got way too hot in the caravan.  I also wonder if my lovely vintage Polaroid which I picked up at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, needs a bit of love as well.  
I was about to throw my crazy overexposed experiments away, until I began to look at all the images together and became enchanted by the tones, lines and shadows.  Then I suddenly had a little burst of inspiration that these Polaroids could be transformed into something lovely.  So with scissors and glue in hand, a few lovely 1970s Encyclopedias and a sweet Lucy King teacup, I set to work this afternoon turning my experimental photos into some fun and cheeky collage art.  

'I get some of my best beautiful little thoughts in the most unsuspecting places'

'Pirates roamed the seas in search of lovely flowers'

I had so much fun putting these collages together, I'm looking forward to creating a whole little series.  So even though the photos didn't quite turn out as I was hoping, I'm determined not to give up on my lovely Polaroid cameras and will be trying again soon perhaps with a different camera and making sure I follow all the steps and tutorials carefully, so I don't over cook my film. 

Have you experimented with Impossible Project film before? I'd love to hear about your results. 
Much Love

Monday, 14 January 2013

Seven Vignettes..

It seems that the beginning of a new year has done wonderful things for my little creative soul.  Over the past two weeks my notebooks have been brimming with ideas and my iPhone quickly filling with photos.  I decided I wanted to begin the year with a creative challenge, just for myself, to begin playing again with colour, texture and design and liberate some of the ideas I'd been dreaming up.  Serendipitously I stumbled across The 7 Vignettes Challenge on Instagram, created the fabulous Jen from The Interiors Addict, I knew it would be the perfect little kick start I needed.  As we are currently in between homes, a great deal of my usual styling bits and bobs are packed away in storage, which at first was a little daunting, but it soon became quite a liberating experience, allowing me to really consider the story behind each vignette. 

 So here are my seven vignettes.. 

Day One - Nature. Inspired by a few collected bits and pieces from my travels. 

Day Two - Colour. Atomic inspired.. featuring retro wallpaper, globe and Melmac teacups. 

Day Three - Fun. Inspired by a childhood memory of learning to knit with my grandmother and featuring her retro needle case.  

Day Four - Flowers. Inspired by a Summer rose garden tea party.

Day Five- Mementos. A few of my favourites from my 2011 trip of New York.

Day Six - Side Table.  Inspired by Amanda Talbot, a gorgeous little corner of the garden and our 2013 vision board. 

Day Seven - Kitchen.  Most often my kitchen is filled with orphan tea cups, thrifted finds and recipes I'd like to try. 

I had so much fun putting each vignette together and seeing everyone else's inspired styling and I'm so excited that Jen will be hosting the next 7 Vignettes in the first week of February.   Check out her blog for more details if you would like to join in the fun.  

Wishing you a most creative Monday!
Much Love

 PS. A big thank you to Laura for gifting me a few pieces of her amazing vintage wallpaper collection.  They are certainly being put to good use!