Monday, 2 December 2013

Two Months..

Dearest Tallow..
It's hard to believe you are two months old already! Really where have the days gone! We've been an adventurous trio over the past few weeks and you've enjoyed your first taste of the big wide world.  Whenever you meet someone new they comment on your wild hair and we think it's just fabulous too.  We're constantly wondering what colour it will be and if those curls are going to stick around.  Last week you found your hands and now they searching for things to pick up and cuddle. You also love to chew them! You're finding the mirror so fascinating and just love to kick all your blankets off. We love that you sleep well at night and we ask you very kindly to keep up the great work. And I almost forget to mention, you're quite the chatter box.. I have a funny feeling you may get that trait from me and I can't wait to share so many wonderful conversations with you.  Oh Tallow, you're too cute for words, with fire in your belly and love in your heart, you already want to take on the world.
You Like:
Your favourite toys, Owly and Mr Tiger
Your funny little bouncy chair
Being outside amongst the trees
You Dislike:
Keeping your blanket on in bed
Taking too long to get dressed
Long car trips
We love you more than all the stars and can't wait to enjoy every minute of our first Christmas with you!
Much Love


  1. lovely is she!!?? hope you enjoy your first Christmas as a mama xx

    1. I'm so excited! I feel like a kid all over again and I'm sure it just gets more fun as they get bigger!

  2. Wow, doesn't time fly! She's growing up so fast. Love her little outfit.

  3. What a gorgeous photo, I can only imagine how special Christmas will be for your family this year :)

    1. Yes Jackie, Tallow is the first grandchild, so it's very special indeed :) x

  4. Oh, she's so darling! And so clearly happy!


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