Monday, 30 December 2013

Everyday Moments - The Christmas Edition..

Gardenias adoring the Christmas brunch table ..
Our beautiful cheeky Christmas fairy..
A rainbow of delights..
So special - Tallow and her Great Nan..
From above - our Christmas table trimmed with eucalyptus..
A very festive salad..
Much Love
Joining the fun and inspiring images at The Shack hosted by the gorgeous Em.


  1. You have captured lovely moments as always Sophie! Your grandmother (or perhaps she is Ben's grandmother?) is a stylish lady! Happy New Year to you x

    1. Awww thanks Jane. Yes it's my grandmother, isn't she ever! And at 88, she loves nothing more than a glass of bubbles, a fabulous pair of shoes and a dance around the kitchen. x

  2. Oh, that grin! She's such a happy-looking baby! I hope your Christmas was as lovely as it looks!

  3. What a sweet Christmas you look to of had, made sweeter I'm sure by Tallow. X

  4. She is such a treasure! She is always so smiley in all your photos in all your posts!

  5. Your grandmother is one beautiful, stylish lady. The photo of her and Tallow is perfect.


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