Tuesday, 17 December 2013

December Seven Vignettes..

I've always loved the playfulness and childlike delight that comes with Christmas. It seems everything becomes that little bit more magical and sweet and Seven Vignettes with month was no exception.  I thought it might be fun to put a little twist on my vignettes this month and create a little Christmas story for Tallow featuring Minty and Monty, the festive mice. So here is.. A Christmas Tale.
 Day 1 - Giving. "The season of giving now has begun. Monty and Minty are here to join the fun".
Day 2 - Twinkle.  "With Mrs. Owl's help they trimmed the tree. It sparkled and twinkled for all to see."
Day 3 - Summer. "When the tree was complete they went down to the sea. It was Summer after all and the beach was the place to be." 

 Day 4 - Cheer. "Minty and Monty were so excited the holiday season was here. They invited the Easter chicks over to celebrate in the joy and Christmas cheer."
Day 5 - Red & Green. "But Minty and Monty couldn't party all day. There were presents to wrap without delay. First was Grandma's, as pretty as could be, a red and green poinsettia, to go under the Christmas tree." 

 Day 6 - Jolt of Colour. "After the presents were wrapped, Monty and Minty had Saturday free. So they took a quick trip to Byron Bay in their colourful Kombi."

Day 7 - Feast. "After weeks of preparing, it was finally Christmas Day. The night before Minty was sure she had heard Santa's sleigh. They gave presents, sang carols and last but not least, Monty and Minty celebrated with a cheese filled feast." 
"Thank you for sharing in the fun and cheer, of Minty and Monty's Christmas tale this year. Merry Christmas!"
I had so much fun creating these vignettes, especially when I realised our Kombi money box was the perfect size for Minty and Monty. I think I might even put them together into a little story book for Tallow to keep.
I have really loved being a part of seven vignettes throughout the year and can't wait for more creative fun in 2014.  I'm always so inspired by people's amazing creations and every month I find it a wonderful creative outlet.  If your feeling like a creative challenge in 2014, I certainly suggest joining the vignette action.
Much Love


  1. I enjoyed that post the most and I think putting it into a little soft cover photo book (Big W or Kmart) for Tallow's first Christmas would be awesome....thoroughly enjoyable. Enjoy your first Christmas as a family of 3....so much fun in Christmas's to come. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia.

  2. I absolutely adored your Christmas story and vignettes - an absolute highlight this month! xx

  3. Hehe this is so cute and lovely. Made me smile

  4. You should definitely turn this into a little storybook for Tallow! It'd be such a treasure.

  5. Minty and Monty are really the cutest!! I loved these vignettes dear Sophie, I hope you had the most beautiful first Christmas with Tallow and in advance, have a beautiful new year!


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