Thursday, 19 December 2013

Crafty Project - Simple Christmas Wreath..

This year my Christmas decorating has been inspired by the beautiful native eucalypts and banksia trees in our garden.  With lush foliage and truly Australian colours, I've delighted in adding branches to vases and sprinkling nuts and flowers around our home for the festive season.  A lovely and easy way I've found to decorate with these charming natives is in the shape of a simple Christmas wreath.  
 Gather some lovely branches.. Look for interesting foliage, nuts and flowers.
Using some twine, gather braches together one at a time and tie to form a circular shape.  Let the branches guide the shape of the wreath and don't worry if it's not perfect, the beauty is in the raw and natural flow of the leaves.   
Once your happy with the shape, cut off any extra twine, hang  and enjoy.
I just love how simple and effective this wreath is, especially in when there is so much to do in the lead up to Christmas. And the true beauty of a wreath like this is, the leaves dry beautifully so you can use it for decorating all year round.
What are you enjoying decorating with this festive season?
Much Love


  1. I bet it smells good too. I love nature and natural colors for the holidays.

  2. Looks gorgeous - I'll have to try it. We used a branch of eucalypt spray painted gold as our Christmas tree at the beach this year. I love it!

  3. so lovely and festive! its perfect and i will definitely be making one next year! so happy i stumbled across your blog! its adorable!

    xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

  4. So beautiful Sophie, I love its rustic, natural look.

  5. Oh I love how Australian this is. It's great to see things that aren't the typical 'White Christmas' look but rather are embracing the scorching Christmas Summer we are going to have.


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