Wednesday, 20 November 2013

November Seven Vignettes...

Now I know it's cliché, but I really can't believe how quickly this month has flown by, or for that matter this year.  It's December in 10 days, December, really! I feel like someone's playing a trick on me.  However, rather than dwelling on the few days left of what's been a very special year, I'm going to embrace each and every one. So I thought I best begin by sharing my November seven vignettes, before it's time to start dreaming up December's festive delights. So here they are..
Day 1 - Holiday. Inspired by daydreams of a Parisian holiday to wander the beautiful boutiques & ateliers.  

Day 2 - Stack. Inspired by vintage, haberdashery and found treasures.
Day 3 - Hanging. Inspired by my grandmother's trinket box and the lyrics to Gotye's 'Hearts a Mess'.
 Day 4 - Recipe. Inspired by my grandmother's handwritten recipe books.
Day 5 - Soft. Inspired by nature's enduring beauty & grace. 

Day 6 - Reflective. Inspired by the ancient art of Tarot. The World symbolises completion.. the reflection of a personal journey.
 Day 7 - Paper. Inspired by soul ramblings & journal pages.. my favourite kind of paper.
It was such a fun challenge to play along in November.  With Miss Tallow often cradled in my arms while I fossicked for treasures and dreamt up ideas, I kept things really simple using my coffee table as a backdrop and working with bits and pieces from around my living room.  As for my (kind of) theme, well my great grandfather was a tailor and I love vintage haberdashery, so my favourite spools of thread and a sweet doily of my Nan's appear throughout.  I just adore visual story telling, especially with elements that contain so much personal history, like my Nan's beautiful recipe book and my own journal pages.  
Now I can't wait for December's seven vignettes, every month I'm just so inspired by everyone's incredible creations and ideas.  I'm already dreaming up a theme and searching for treasures to create  a festive series of vignette delights.  Pop over to Interiors Addict to find out more about seven vignettes and join in the wonderful community on Instagram.
Much Love


  1. Absolutely lovely. As is your darling baby. You cheer my day when you post. Thank you.

    1. Oh Joy that's so sweet! You've made my day! xx

  2. So pretty! I love all the vintage details.

  3. Absolutely beautiful as always Sophie - I'm so glad you introduced me to this challenge! x

    1. Awww thanks so much Naomi, I'm glad too! I just love your vignettes. x

  4. I've been inspired! Im off to find my old tarot cards!! I love when my boredom (which led me to search for new blogs to read) inspires me to get off my butt and do something. Also glad it led me to your cute lil blog, can't wait to check it out some more!


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