Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Our World in November..

So after writing my October post in true Sophie rambling style, I found it such a joy and pleasure to just letting the words tumble out that I've decided to write all my monthly wrap up posts this way.  Blame the English teacher in me, but sometimes I forget that not every sentence that hits the page has to create a lovely piece of prose.  So while I document my little family's happenings each month, I'm also allowing my soul a little time to be free and just let the words flow.
And my first thought is, as cliché as it always sounds, where did this month go! I feel like we only just finished up October and here I am sitting here next to a box of Christmas decorations.  The year is quickly coming to a close and what a year it has been!  This month has been one of simple pleasures and adventures, of adjusting to change and making the most of these sweet Spring days. 
We've ventured to the beach, explored the fabulous Noosa Farmers Markets, enjoyed breakfast at our local favourite café Raw Energy and had a successful outing to find a Christmas tree (although it did include getting caught in the middle of a quite scary thunderstorm).  Quite the adventure for Tallow's first shopping centre outing. 
This month, I've loved watching the River Cottage Australia series and am more inspired than ever to find a little property of our very own.  In the meantime our little backyard veggie crop is blossoming and we've enjoyed peas and beans so far this season.  I'm also delighted to see two little pumpkins growing bigger each day and limes that should be ready just in time for Christmas.
Tallow and I have had fun returning to the Wilde Asher studio two days a week.  It's been so wonderful to be inspired and creating again and our first batch of Summer Wanderlust necklaces is now in the Wilde Asher shop. We've got big plans for 2014 and I'm so grateful to my mum and my sister for making this adventure possible. I'm also enjoying writing the Wilde Asher blog again and sharing our weekly eclectic inspiration.
I've been loving pouring through the beautiful Christmas edition of Country Style and getting very inspired for the festive season.  My sister and I are in charge of our family Christmas this year and I can't wait to begin new traditions with a fun summer vibe and enjoy some beautiful local organic produce.
I've been making a little time during Tallow's afternoon naps for a little soul nourishing.  Some days it's journaling, others it's just catching up on a little blog reading with a hot cup of tea.  This past week I've finally rolled out my yoga mat and it's been the best feeling of all.  Although the first few attempts were a little daunting and emotional to say the least, with the help of Gaby and Kristen's fabulous encouraging blogs and some inspiring classes on Yogaglo, I feel like I've turned a corner today and am embracing all the emotions, interruptions and precious moments that come during my yoga practice.    
With December only days away, I can't wait to catch up with our families for Christmas, for Tallow to spend time with her cousins and to really make the most of  this beautiful time of year.  We're also planning a family day trip to the Woodford Folk Festival and are dreaming up some exciting plans and new projects for 2014. 
Here's to a wonderful December!
What's happening in your world right now?
Much Love


  1. My sister has bought me the River Cottage Australia for Christmas and I can't wait to watch it. Actually correction...I bought it for myself last week, then thought my sister wants ideas for me for Christmas so will be giving it to her to wrap up for me for will have to wait another month to watch it but it will be worth it. My kids (10 today and 7) are into The River Cottage and know all about it so they will be excited to watch the Australian version as well with's a family thing at my place. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. I just post a very similar post, although my beautiful son is still playing kickball with my organs. I like these monthly round ups. They're a good way of catching that flying time. You look so happy in your photos! I'm glad you're finding your mama stride. xo

  3. Sounds (and looks) like a lovely month for you! I just love catching up on blog reading with a hot cup of tea too! Do you do yoga by yourself? Or with an instructional dvd? or in a class?

  4. I couldn't resist the christmas issue of Country Style either! We've been talking a little bit about ideas and traditions and I hope we follow through on some of these. I have been taking time to find my rhythm again and have been loving pottering around with all my sewing bits and pieces.

    What a beautiful time you are having with your little family, so gorgeous to see (and I'm really looking forward to that next phase!). I am completely addicted to my yoga class and have also been trying to incorporate practice into home life too - it would probably help if I finally bought an actual mat though! I am going to check out yogaglo now, thanks!

    Melania x

  5. I love posts like these Sophie, and I am in need of some yoga inspiration so thanks for the links, off to check them out xxx


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