Thursday, 14 November 2013

Finding Inspiration in Fleeting Moments..

Whether you work full time, run a busy household, have your own business, like me are just beginning your journey into motherhood, or are a mixture of all of the above and more, finding time to be inspired and stay creative can be a real challenge.  
Over the years I’ve realised that being creative is not just a past time for me, it really is a part of who I am, perhaps even the sum of passions in my life, so adjusting to no longer having as much time and energy to be inspired and creative has been an important and challenging aspect of being a new mum.    While I was pregnant, I enjoyed reading The Divided Heart: Art and Motherhood by Rachel Power recommended by the lovely Pia.  Each story was so raw, so real, they really made me ponder how I was going to nourish my creative soul while balancing my new role and lifestyle. 
Now although only six weeks into my journey, I’m truly beginning to realise the importance of cherishing each moment and finding inspiration in the everyday.  As I explore these fleeting moments, I’m feeling more inspired than I have all year and I wonder if it all has to do with harnessing time.  When there is no time to procrastinate on an idea, project or blog post, you either have to dive in head first or lose the opportunity all together.  This makes for some very exciting possibilities, filled with raw passion rather than calculated and well thought out plans.  This sense of urgency, perhaps rather like a deadline for a school assignment is really is fuelling my desire to live each day more creatively and grasp that inspiration when it strikes.  Here are a few hints and tips that I’ve been using recently to stay inspired and creative now that life has become a whole lot more ‘busy’. 
Create a 10 minute Craft Kit – Grab a basket and fill it will all the creative things you love to do.  Don’t forget, scissors, glue, tape, needles, thread, and even a few tea bags.  Keep it handy, perhaps in your living room, so that when you have an inspired moment, even if it is only for ten minutes, you don’t have to waste that precious time going searching for your favourite illusive pair of magically disappearing scissors.  
Keep a Journal – Whether its leather bound, on your phone or a bundle of scrap paper, I always say keeping a journal of some kind is imperative to the creative process. Keep a few pens handy, take it everywhere and don’t be afraid to fill the pages with your ideas and soul ramblings.  Even in the busiest moments, jotting down a few thoughts can be truly rewarding.  Check out the fabulous works of Julia Cameron and Keri Smith for many ways to fill your journal pages. 
Create a Space – Big or small, creating a space to call your own can really help when searching for that spark of inspiration. While it’s not always possible to have ‘a room of one’s own’, even making a moveable space (I love coffee table crafting) can ignite the creative fire within and make those fleeting moments really magical. Check out my Pinterest board if you are in need creative space inspiration (I love seeing people's studio spaces).  
Mix & Mingle – Spending time with like-minded, creative people is a sure fire way to find inspiration fast. Whether it’s in person or online, a chat over afternoon tea, an email or brief comment can be wonderfully uplifting. You can find social media communities who share similar inspiring ideas and values and when you have a little free time, join in the fun of workshops, classes and InstaMeets.  Introduce yourself, mix, mingle and open your heart to new adventures.  
Celebrate small achievements – Sometimes even the smallest achievements can make you feel amazing.  Celebrate the small stuff! Right now I’m celebrating getting my camera out and snapping a few photos each week, taking time to get back into journal writing and enjoying the occasional hot cup of tea.  
It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed with the everyday, rather than celebrating its delights.  Grab those fleeting moments, enjoy and capture them, explore the details and revel in the opportunity to be inspired.  Every little bit helps to nourish your creative soul.
How do you find inspiration when moments are fleeting?
Much Love
This post was originally written for Voices of 2013 and published on Kidspot.


  1. What wonderful ideas Sophie! I have two young kids and I really struggle to find the time for all the things I want to do. I often find that the only time I have is after the kids are in bed and then I wonder if those few hours at the sewing machine were worth the 'eyelids like lead' feeling I'm left with the next day. I'm going to put the latest issue of Country Style (still unread *sigh) and my crochet hooks in a basket on the coffee table now! x

  2. Wise words and beautiful pictures Sophie. The Divided Heart sounds like a good book. I totally understand about the need to dive in head first or lose the opportunity all together. This is my life too! Tallow is divine, I have been reading your updates but haven't always had time to comment x

  3. Haha! Well done on those HOT cups of tea... I had a lot of cold teas in those first few baby-weeks. Very inspiring ;)

  4. This is lovely and your creative pictures, filled with so many pretty things, are quite inspiring! :)

  5. These are great ideas. I'm not a mom but a lot of these are still really practical for busy college life! Thanks for posting!

  6. This is a really great post Sophie. I really struggled creatively when I was a new mama! Lack of time and energy didn't do much for my creative spirit I can tell you. I must read 'A divided heart' as I have heard lots of people talk about it. As I've journeyed along the road of motherhood I've learnt to embrace every free moment so as to try and get the most out of everday. Like you, being creative is just who I am and I need to be creative to feel fulfilled. It does make me feel guilty sometimes though. Silly, I know. I hope all is well at your place! Happy Friday. Melinda x

  7. Such a wonderful way to view the world! Enjoy your crafting adventures lovely xxx

  8. This is such a fabulous post. <3 In my case, I have very roller coaster like emotional issues, as I have bipolar disorder. Meaning I can be very happy, energized, and/or inspired... followed by very depressed, hermit like, and with little energy. When I feel good, I do all that I can to make use of that time. I love the idea of the 10 minute craft basket, that's so brilliant!

  9. These are such great ideas! I really need to organise my room space as it's the only place I have to call my own and I need more of a 'creative' outlet here. I think during the holidays I'll take down my posters and put some in frames and the rest away in a box or something and hang some art/prints/motivation posters.


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