Friday, 25 October 2013


Today I am grateful for...

My beautiful husband.. His love and devotion brings tears to my eyes. 
My precious Tallow.. I can't believe we have been a little family for nearly a month already. Each day is such a blessing.  
My amazing family, especially my mum.. Without her help, my world would be one giant pile of washing.
Restful nights and inspiring days.. Seven hours sleep never felt so good. 
Happy times.. Our little cottage in Mildura found the perfect new owner.
Wonderful opportunities.. It's such an honour to be selected amongst a truly inspiring group of bloggers. 
New adventures..  Family walks on the beach and delightful weekend outings. 

What are you grateful for today?
Much Love


  1. Such a lovely list of those precious people and moments.
    I'm grateful for sitting in the sunshine with my love, fresh eggs from the girls, cat snuggling, and all things floral. x

  2. Gorgeous room - and 7 hour sleeps - winnning all round!
    I'm grateful for time for a haircut, fun party preparations and my funny kids (who have been quack talking all afternoon??)

  3. Beautiful, love following your journey as a new mum xo

  4. Aren't mum's wonderful at reducing those washing piles? And congratulations on 7 hours sleep! Wow.

    I'm grateful for my friend visiting (from Mildura) and providing lots of laughs. x

  5. oh 7 hours of sleep would be so good! happy weekend sophie x

  6. I'm grateful for the sun today...finally!

    I'm looking forward to new adventures...congratulations on yours w/your wonderful opportunity! :)

  7. Beautiful! :) Yes, family is such a blessing isn't it... even more so as it grows! :)
    Tallow is just beautiful! I love seeing her pop up in my insta feed! :) Congrats on the kidspot gig. Well deserved xx

  8. Yes, there really is so much to be grateful for. Where would we be without our Mums? They are a pillar of strength and knowledge and they know just how to help when there's a new bubba in the house. My Mum was great when Millie was born. She dropped off groceries and meals, spoiled us with lovely little gifts and snuggled the wee babe while I had some rest. It seems that we are both so blessed to have great Mums!!! Congratulations on your wonderful blogging opportunity too, you truly deserve it. Have a beautiful week Sophie. Melinda x

  9. Oh, I love this little glimpse into Tallow's room. It is beautiful!
    Seven hours sleep.... That would be SO good right now.
    Lots of love,
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Congrats on making the Top 5 voices for Creative & Home category! I just had a look at the link - I hope you win!


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