Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Final Weeks - To Do List..

So a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was trying to curb my list writing behaviour.. and I have, well at least I've tried.  But there was one last list I wanted to write before I began 'going with the flow' of each day and it's my final weeks before baby to do list.  It seems my little nesting soul just had to have a little piece of paper to tick off and check back on as we wait (as patiently as possible).

So my list contains the usual mumma nesting to do's, freezing meals, finishing the crafty projects I'm halfway through and cleaning everything in sight (when did scrubbing the floors and hanging out the washing start bringing me a wonderful sense of satisfaction).  There's also a few things that need to be finished around the house and my phone which really needs some attention (5000 photos is a little too much for poor thing to manage). Also on my list, for some soul nourishing fun, is a thrift outing, a dinner date and most of all enjoying the quiet moments and journaling my experience.  

I've also really enjoyed reading through this final weeks list, this lovely babymoon checklist and this list of newborn survival tips for ideas and advice.   And I'd really love to hear yours too! Any tips, tricks or hints very much appreciated. 

Much Love


  1. My best advice would be to go out for dinner/coffee/movies as much as possible, get some sleep and do your pelvic floor exercises! Enjoy!

  2. Sounds like you're on the right track. I definitely relate to the satisfaction suddenly brought about by cleaning - I became obsessed with moving furniture. Enjoy those last few weeks. I actually really miss pregnancy!

  3. List making is wonderful - and thank you for the links - a great collection, now all bookmarked!

  4. I could never give up my lists, for major renovating projects I type them up but you just cant beat a hand written to do list can you :) Happy nesting x

  5. I wish I had taken more time to do everything on my 'to do' list before my son came along, but we'd just started our own business and that demanded a lot of my down time. So enjoy those moments as much as possible and just remember that the little one will come all in good time!Good luck :)

  6. sleep! go to bed early and have lie-ins. extra naps too and set in your memory the luxuriousness of drifting in and out of sleep (you'll feed off it for a while to come!). so excited for you!

  7. Enjoy a really long bath or shower. Indulge in the simple things. Eat slowly, taste every mouthful of your food, savour each bite. Sit in the sunshine in peace and quiet, listen to the birds. Have a heart to heart, deep, connecting conversation with Ben. B R E A T H E this beautiful fresh air that we have around us. And fill that freezer :) xx

  8. Just after our Frog was born my Zia said "don't forget to breathe darling"... It really annoyed me and I remember thinking of course I am breathing!!! It wasn't until Audrey was about 8 months old that I realised what she meant, I spent so much time running around like a chook with its head cut off that I didn't take anytime to just sit and breathe. Now every day I take a little snippet of time to myself to just "breathe", the washing and chores can wait for me, trust me they don't go anywhere... Much love x

  9. What a good list! Can't wait to see the nursery photo's!

  10. I wouldn't be so keen on ditching the lists yet, sometimes as a new mumma writing it all down is the best way to remember things. Keep the note book handy to write the lists and keep journaling there is so much going on it is too easy to forget things. As mentioned before, just remember to breathe! Dirty dishes and clothes will always be there, don't forget to take that moment for yourself. When my second child was born, my husband was working long hours and not able to help out a lot, a dear friend used to call in every weekday morning while her son was at swimming training. Usually the baby was asleep after his bath, so she would keep an eye on the eldest while I had a shower, by the time I was out she had made a cuppa, washed the few breakfast dishes and turned on the washing machine. We would sit and have our coffee and she was off again, she was never there longer than 30minutes but it made the world of difference to me just being able to face the day feeling fresh. If someone offers a little help, take it! All the very best with your new adventure

  11. Hang in there, you are on the home stretch now. Do exactly as you are, my only other tip is write a loving letter to your husband and get him to do one too so if down the track you are really tired and cranky you can each pull out those letters and fill the love bank. Oh and look into his eyes lots, and lie in bed as long as possible in the morning. mel x

  12. Everyone said to sleep - I wished I'd listened! But I guess I was so busy running around doing the final things before bub was born. Anyway, your list looks amazing. One more thing? Bake and freeze some dinners too. If people visit you, tell them to bring freezable food rather than presents!!!

  13. To do: rest, rest and more rest! Enjoy it while you can xo

  14. Hey Soph
    My tips would be....
    If you are breastfeeding - look through your closet and bring all the bf friendly clothes to the front i.e. floaty/ stretchy tops that you can pull up if you are wearing the nursing singlets (these are the best, you don't have to flash your tummy!), button down tops or dresses or spaghetti straps that can be pulled down.
    Find a teddy and practice swaddling, putting in car seat, baby carriers and pram!
    Stock up on snack type foods, I was so hungry when I first started feeding.
    Have a little table set up next to where you are planning to feed, with a water bottle, tissues, snacks, lip balm and a book or mag.
    Stock up on maternity pads and nursing pads...nuf said.
    Swimming is lovely but so if floating!!
    Rub that beautiful belly with oil or cream, it won't be long and it will be gone!
    Wishing you and Ben all the best, can't wait to hear news of your sweet babe.
    Love from Shell

  15. Remember to pack some throat lozenges for the hospital - I was hoarse after giving birth to my son, and I wasn't even a screamer! And make sure you're not wearing nail polish in case the baby wants to suck on your finger! So funny writing that now, but I know I was frustrated over those two little things back then... 15 years ago! :)

  16. Can I recommend reading this article http://www.pinkymckay.com/blog/baby-sleep-myths-busted/.

    I really had no idea how difficult it is for babies to sleep, especially when they hit the 3 month mark. I too subjected myself to reading books that told me I should be doing this and that and baby should be doing this and that and the reality was it wasn't happening for us. I really wish I had read this article and comments before my little one was born so I had never wasted my energy in trying to force something that should actually be individually tailored for each baby.



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