Friday, 13 September 2013

September Seven Vignettes..

So what does one do whilst nesting and waiting patiently for their new arrival (well at least attempting patience).. make vignettes of course.  As 7 Vignettes rolled around again this month, it proved to be the perfect opportunity to get  little bit creative and stay busy.  I tried to keep things really simple this month, and shot each vignette on my favourite little white vintage chair in our bedroom (the filter morning light is just lovely), using a doily from my nan's collection as a whimsical backdrop.   And it seems instinctively each vignette became quite soft and romantic as a result.  I love seeing how ideas evolve throughout the week.  Here are my September vignettes..

 Day 1 - Green. Inspired by the whimsical vintage hues & Spring delights.

Day 2 - Folded. Inspired by Jane Campion's film, 'Bright Star', the love story of John Keats & Fanny Brawne.

Day 3 - Alcohol. Inspired by celebrating. Looking forward to a little glass of bubbles in a few more weeks to celebrate the birth of our September bub. 

Day 4 - Pile. Inspired by my favourite little bookshop, Shakespeare & Company.

Day 5 - Borrowed. Inspired by my grandmother's brooch.. My 'borrowed' wedding day treasure.

Day 6 - Round. Inspired by the art and beauty of afternoon tea.

Day 7 - Framed. Inspired by mother nature & my wandering day with Pia.
And a little extra just because 'thank you' vignette. 

My favourite day.. Folded and Borrowed. Yes indeed I'll blame the hormones, I'm feeling all very romantic at the moment.  I just love seeing some of the amazing vignettes throughout the week, especially one's that are themed, they always leave me feeling so inspired.  Although I didn't quite have a specific theme, this month I love using the vintage spools of thread, similar colour tones, florals and paper throughout. As for October's vignettes, well I think I might just have to wait and see.. the gorgeous Megan Morton nicknamed bub 'babyvignette', so perhaps a little styling love has rubbed off already, I can't wait to find out.

Much Love


  1. I love these! They're all so sweet and sentimental. This is a wonderful way to practice your styling skills, and composition. Just lovely.

  2. I've browsed through the other vignettes & I always love yours best. I love the views you give us.

  3. Loved seeing these. My favorite is Number 2.

  4. I absolutely loved your vignettes and I'm so pleased to have found your gorgeous blog. Looking forward to next months vignettes:) x

  5. Thank you for all the lovely pictures!

  6. I just noticed "Bright Star" on my DVD shelf yesterday! I love that movie. I will have to watch it again. :)


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