Friday, 6 September 2013

Maternity Restyle - 37 Weeks..

Tee: Dotti (2011) Skirt: Kmart (2012)
Vest: Temt (Borrowed)  Shoes: Dotti
Necklace: Hope & May

Wow, I really can't believe I just typed 37 weeks.  It really has flown by! This whole experience has been such a remarkable journey and I keep reminding myself to savour every one of these wonderful last days of pregnancy.  Restyling my wardrobe has been such a fun part of this adventure, especially because it seems each day brings change and all of a sudden there's an opportunity to try something new.  Over the last few weeks, bub has 'dropped', so I can finally wear skirts again.  This jersey mid-length skirt has really come in handy (especially the elastic waistband) and I've been teaming it with cotton tees that are far too short and knotting them at the side (inspired by this fab outfit).  My aim throughout my pregnancy was to rework my wardrobe and not buy maternity items and with the exception of essentials, I've done it! My gorgeous mum and sister have also loaned me a few fun pieces (like this vest), which have helped add a little something different to those third trimester staples that after a while feel oh so boring.  

As Spring blossoms here, the weather is heating up I have a feeling the next few weeks I'll be living in my well loved (and stretched) bikini loose singlets and yoga pants. Yes the beach is calling my name.   

 I'm also looking forward to sharing a few of my maternity restyling tips next week. And a big thank you for all your gorgeous tips, hints and comments on my last post.  I feel so blessed to be a part of such a beautiful supportive community. I've made lots of notes and am getting very excited indeed. 

Happy Friday!
Much Love

PS. Congratulations to Melodie, who is the winner of the Shore Handmade Jewellery Giveaway.


  1. You have had such a gorgeous pregnancy glow about you these last few posts. Love what you are wearing, especially your shoes. Nice to have a bit of a heel with out feeling like you are walking on tip toes!

  2. You always manage to look so beautiful and radiant. I have a pic of myself at about the same time in my pregnancy as you are now and I look exhausted and worn out. Keep enjoying yourself and and can't wait to see pics of your new arrival.

  3. You gorgeous thing... so close now, Sophie. x

  4. Looking great, this was me not too long ago,I make my own skirts and I added elastic to them to fit my expanding belly. It expanded big time in the end, my little girl was 10lbs, not so little. I also borrowed my sister's maternity jeans which I wore nearly every day at the end. Enjoy your last weeks with lots of me time. x

  5. I too like this outfit. Love the pattern of the vest and a lovely spot for the photo shoot. x

  6. Your joy is tangible, Sophie. What a beautiful cocoon for your little ones last weeks in there! Xo

  7. Sophie you look stunning in these photos and I really wanted to say what a lovely experience it has been to "witness" somehow your evolution during your pregnancy, watching you glowing day after day and getting ready for this beautiful new was really touching to see and I really wanted you to know that. I can't wait to see you in your new mommy role and of course, I can't wait to see your little treasure!
    Much love to the 3 of you! ;-)
    P.S: And many, many, many thanks for the By The Shore giveaway, I'm so happy!! THANK YOU! :-)))

  8. You look absolutely gorgeous! What a lovely setting as well! xx

  9. Ah so gorgeous! You look terrific at 37 weeks! Congrats girl!


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