Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Everyday Moments.. The Waiting Edition

 Spring has arrived and we are patiently waiting..
Little elephants stare out the window..
The baby bag is packed full..
The change table is adorned with lovingly tie-dyed swaddles & beautiful handmade bunting by Mietta..
Shelves are lined with sweet bits & bobs..
Moments of tea and crochet fill the day..
The dream catcher awaits newborn dreams.. 
As we await our happy little camper..

Much Love

Joining the fun and inspiring images at The Shack hosted by the gorgeous Em.


  1. Precious little moments :) I can't begin to explain all the LOVE that awaits you and your tiny family...

    Sophie xo

  2. Gorgeous images Sophie!

    All the best with the waiting x

  3. Oh Sophie...waiting has never looked so beautiful! Really, this is such a precious time. I remember these moments...washing and folding everything so carefully and preparing every little detail. All the best xx

  4. Oh we are with you sweet....waiting for the happy little camper....I can't wait for the post when this wonderful little person is here.....happiness to you......much love V

  5. oh, this is so sweet... just a magic :)

  6. I'm so very excited for you sophie. there is nothing more amazing than birthing a little one and then getting to kiss those little fingers and toes. That dream catcher is to die for did you make it?

  7. I cant wait to see the happy little camper it looks like your all set and ready to go.

  8. Enjoy these last days....
    Blessings as you bring your little one earth side.
    Wishing you joy, have a beautiful week.

  9. Everything looks so beautiful! Good luck!

  10. Wow - you are 37 weeks?! So exciting. That 'Happy Camper' onesie is adorable:)

  11. oh the wait. when i am in it i crave it to end, now that it has {twice} i miss the fluttery anticipation. it's the best surprise coming your way. xx ashley

  12. So soon! I cannot wait. You've shared about your journey so beautifully and it has made me really look forward to being a mother someday. Truly. With all the ups and downs--it seems such a dream worth going for.

  13. I tried to explain it to sam as being primed at the ready to run a marathon, but not knowing when the start gun would be going off. for days and weeks.

    such an exciting time. can't wait for your news!

    rachel xo

  14. So so sweet!!


  15. I love that dream catcher. I'm a new follower.

  16. I have those little elephants! so fun!


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