Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Quiet Moments..

As the weekend draws upon us once more, I find myself in a beautiful place of waiting.  It's so peaceful, this time in between.. Knowing life is about to change forever and simply sitting back and soaking up all the beauty of right now.  I find myself drawing inwards, listening ever more carefully to my body, noticing life's little details.. quietly preparing.    

As our little adventurer dances in my belly, I practise my breathing techniques and embrace the beautiful sounds of Sacred Earth.  The sky is the bluest I've ever seen and the ocean is calling to nurture my soul. The days move gently as we take time to potter around the markets and thrift shops and enjoy the quiet moments together.  The afternoon brings with it a nourishing yoga class and a wander along the beach, time to focus, reflect and connect.  
 Life is magical..  

Wishing you a most blissful weekend.
Much Love


  1. I remember that time in my life as though it were bathed in magical golden light too
    Enjoy the waiting Sophie

  2. An amazing time that you won't experience again in the exact same way. Enjoy the beauty and calm. X

  3. So beautiful! Enjoy every moment x


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