Friday, 9 August 2013

Nourishing the Soul..

“We must never stop dreaming. Dreams provide nourishment for the soul, just as a meal does for the body.” - Paulo Coelho

My beautiful yoga teacher Carrie, reminded me the other day to begin to feel inwardly in my everyday life and to live in a truly calm and positive environment.  At first I thought, that's easy enough, I'm pretty relaxed, but then I realised how many little things were keeping me from being truly calm and centred every day.  As I journey through the final stages of my pregnancy, I'm becoming increasingly aware of my need to go within, to take a step back from the busyness of the everyday and concentrate on nourishing my soul through simple thoughts and actions.

At first the whole idea felt a little indulgent, taking time out for myself each day when I felt I really needed to be ticking off  the many everyday 'to dos'.  But after a few afternoons of just taking a little time, to go for a walk, meditate, practise yoga, write a few pages in my journal or potter in the garden, I realised how much more fulfilled and happy I felt at the end of the day.  

Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing some soul nourishing ideas that I've very happily embraced in my daily life.  I'd also love to hear about your tips.  What do you love to do to nourish your soul?

Much Love


  1. A quiet, calm mind brings a quiet, calm body. Never is this needed more than in birthing. "When the intelligence of the body is awakened through the practice of yoga, it will guide the woman throughout the pregnancy, making her feel perhaps more in touch with herself than ever before. She is then taken closer to her own nature and ready to flow with the moment of birth when it begins" - Frederick Leboyer. Looking forward to seeing you "on the mat" very soon xx Blessings to you and Ben, such a beautiful couple xx Carrie xx

  2. Sophie, I couldn't agree more! I find the days when I don't meditate are the days when I'm telling the kids to hurry up, huffing and puffing... You get the picture. Plus I think taking time out for yourself is the ultimate way to be a better mama, better wife, better friend. Everyone benefits, including you ;) fabulous post! X

  3. I recently decided to take better care of my health and of myself in general (I shared it in a recent post on my blog) and this is the best advice I could find, take some little moments every day to nourish my soul and recenter a bit after the hard days at work... I'm looking forward for you next posts and advises on that matter and personally, the best way a found to recenter is sitting on my couch, make friendship bracelet (I don't know why but knotting the strings is so relaxing for me) and watching my cat Yoda, trying desperately to catch the hanging remain of the cute and funny to watch. I always feel better after that kind of moment...
    Much love

  4. I love a hot shower with dim lighting, but it is fairly indulgent to get a chance to do that without a child, but I manage to do it enough to count.

  5. did i tell you that i thought clementine would be born 2 weeks late and instead she was born a week early? i seriously hadn't done half the stuff on my "to do" list and we were just fine. so let go of that list, and sleep and rest instead. it'll be worth it x

  6. I was thinking about the exact same thing myself and made a promise that I'd try to fit in some kind of meditation during the week - aaaand ... well, I didn't :( So, so need to though!


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