Thursday, 29 August 2013

My World in August..

August.. A month full of emotion, reflection, love and hope.  As the days grow longer, I become more settled, our nest almost ready, all colourful and feathered with love.  The warm afternoons provide a lovely time for making, reading, daydreaming and nanna naps, as we countdown the final few weeks until we meet our precious little one. 

Weather: August truly has been the most blissful early start to Spring.  Every day another amazing blue sky and irresistible sunset, just yearning to be photographed.  The perfect kind of weather for walks along the beach and the first of many dips in the pool (oh how wonderful it feels to just float around for a while).  

Writing: Although I was attempting to curb my list writing behaviour, I am making a few last minute to do lists before next month.  I'm also finding myself journalling much more than I have been this year, working through the beautiful and often challenging emotions that arise before the beginning of a new journey. 

Making:  August has been all about the nursery.  It's been a little haven for me to play, decorate and dream in.  There's been bunting made, swaddles tie dyed, little birds and squishy alphabet cubes sewn, and a blanket finally coming together, hopefully just in time.  I'm loving spending time on simple creations and being inspired by my newly collaged studio space.   

Baking: This month I've been trying a few different recipes and found a whole new love for quiche, inspired by the gorgeous Rachel Khoo. My favourite bake for the month was these lovely little biscuits and I have a feeling I'll be making some more dough very soon to stash away for the coming months.  

Reading: Currently my bedside table looks a little like the parenting section of my local bookshop.  I'm enjoying pottering my way through, finding inspiring bits and pieces that resonate.  I'm also enjoying the beautiful and honest, The Divided Heart: Art and Motherhood, which Pia recently instagrammed.  Such a profound book that resonates on so many levels.  For a bit of light reading, it's hard to go past the current issue of Frankie (that cover is just the sweetest). 

Daydreaming About: Right now I'm in the love bubble.. and all the beautiful sunshine, slow days, lovely tunes have me daydreaming about the Summer days ahead and adventures with my little family. I've also been full of inspiration for our summer Wilde Asher jewellery collection and a few other exciting long term projects.   All these lovely pregnancy hormones are doing wonders for my creativity.
Planting & Harvesting:  There's flowers on our citrus trees, beans sprouting, strawberries bursting to life and even a little capsicum growing.  Ben and I have a little running joke that we seem to grow everything in miniature, but I'm hoping that we'll have a wee bounty to harvest soon.  There's also an abundance of seeds to be planted, just in time for Spring.    

Inspired By: So much has been inspiring me lately.  Beautiful people I've been meeting,  thoughtful blog posts, nourishing yoga classes, discovering quirky nooks and cafes, gorgeous handmade textiles, bright colours (I'm loving creating a little rainbow home), planning a summer getaway in our little caravan and dreaming about meeting our little adventurer.       

Special moments to come: After eight months of patiently waiting, finally September is just around the corner.  September has always been my favourite month and this year, it's oh so much more beautiful and exciting.  We've got Father's Day, our 7th wedding anniversary and Ben's birthday to celebrate and  somewhere in between, the arrival of our little miracle. I can't wait to embrace every precious moment of this very special Spring.       

Thank you for sharing in the little moments from my August.
Much Love


  1. I am filled with so much joy and excitement for you and Ben this coming month. As for those emotions you speak of when journaling, I know them all to well. Just let them flow out you'll be better for it.

    Sending you love, light, smiles and baby snuggles from our abode to yours. X

  2. The countdown in the final few weeks is full of so many emotions....happiness, love, excitement and even some fear of the unknown. But when that little face is presented to you....oh gosh, it's the best feeling ever. I can still see my little man's face when I helped him into the world late September 2012.

    I hope you consider helping him into the world was the most joyous experience and I wish I had done it with all three of mine. To grasp his little body with that final was amazing. I hope that I can encourage women to do this in my journey to become a midwife.

    Thinking of you over the coming weeks!!

  3. Wow, totally love your working space! All the posters and stuff....I've never been a fan of september, but this year I'm excited for the fall to arrive. By the way, really nice blog you have here, I've been following it a couple of years, but this is actually the first time I comment :---) Anyways, cheers from Helsinki!

    you little charmer

  4. Such a beautiful studio space. I'd love to potter in here all day. Enjoy every moment of the coming weeks. x


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