Thursday, 8 August 2013

Maternity Restyle - 33 Weeks..

Dress (worn as top): Boho Australia (babymoon present)
Tights & Cardigan: Target (2011) Hat: Market find
 Belt: Kmart Sunglasses: c/o Mix Apparel (2012)
Shoes: Merrell 

So what does one take on a babymoon.. A floaty dress (which of course ends up more like a top), super comfortable shoes and a really big hat! I have a feeling I'll be living in this little outfit for the next few weeks as the weather is already heating up (where did winter go?) and my almost everything else in my wardrobe is getting very snug indeed.  Not long to go..

 The countdown is on, my bag is packed, the nursery is nearly finished and we are getting very excited indeed to meet our little adventurer.  

I'd love to know how you spent your final weeks of pregnancy, any last minute tips and advice would be so wonderful.  On my to do list.. Relaxing, reading, yoga, enjoying the sunshine and making an attempt to stop making so many lists. 

Much Love


  1. You look gorgeous Sophie. I had already given birth at this stage of my pregnancy so enjoy everyday that your little one is cosied up on the inside. Relax and enjoy lovely xoxo

  2. Look at your belly - SO gorgeous!!

    I think your list is pretty spot on. Relax and savour that beautiful baby belly. I love my girls and watching them grow but I often find myself reminiscing about my pregnancies. It's such a precious time.

    I hope everything goes peacefully for you over the next few weeks! xx

  3. Hi Sophie, in these final weeks I would go to movies, go out for lunch/dinner/coffee, read in peace and just enjoy! All of these things become a little more difficult with a newborn...but not impossible of course :) x

  4. I spent the last weeks of my pregnancy savoring my time and I think I also complained way too much of having a sore back. You look radiant, keep doing what you are doing. xx

  5. Ohhh wow wee look at your bump so sweet. You look gorgeous honey and I am smitten for that hat.
    Regarding last minute tips you'd think the amount of times I've been through it I'd have some great ones, you'd think I'd have it nailed with this final pregnancy and being in any day zone pretty much lol.

    But honestly all jokes aside just remember regardless of if you've got all those things organised or not, the only thing that your baby needs is you. It's as simply as that, so if you wanted to sit back and just be it will all be fine.

    I can not wait to hear the exciting news of your little adventurers arrival. Wishing you love, calm and stillness. X

  6. I adore a good list. I'm working through a "30 before 30" list at the moment. I cleaned obsessively before I had my son, I would wake up at the crack of dawn and clean the same kitchen cabinets I had cleaned the day before. At 37 weeks, I was outside our house, in the middle of summer, weeding! The neighbours thought i was completely nutty.
    With my second (born just a month ago), I had hardly any time to do anything. I wish I had cherished those last few weeks of just my partner and I before Leo (my son) was born.

    My big tip (and I rave about this to every expectant mother) is to pack some Vaseline in the baby bag for the hospital and coat that little behind in it before the first nappy is put on. It makes cleaning up the first horrifying dirty nappy a million times easier. Especially if you are doing it completely sleep deprived from the labour.

    Looking gorgeous. xx

  7. Oh you look so very beautiful very exciting.....the time for a little person to enter the world is so close.
    I am so excited for you.
    Oh not being blessed to be a mummy I have know tips.......all I can say is savour these days and remember how loved this new life will be.
    Love V

  8. Favourite pics so far. Gorgeous. Enjoy the last weeks. Savour time with your love, walks together, meals out. I missed this with my other pregnancies as we were busy with our other babies. If you enjoy cooking take some time to prepare and freeze meals. The best thing ever for those evenings when it is impossible to get near the kitchen xo

  9. what a radiant mama to be u are! the last month or two of pregnancies i got together with friends for big cook ups, and then freezed them for when bubba came.slept alot, tried to keep walking, and had lots of accupuncture which really helped with baby number 2's delivery.i hope u enjoy this last little leg of the journey, ive really enjoyed following ur pregnancy story!best wishes xx

  10. Love the hat, love the floaty skirt/top/dress, love the beautiful bump!

  11. Looking absolutely lovely, Sophie - you must be getting so excited right about now! x

  12. You look absolutely lovely, your dress is so sweet!


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