Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Everyday Moments..

Morning sunshine, rainbow serapes and a beautiful bouquet of floral delights from Fresh Flowers make my day..
An impressionist painting in the evening sky..
A gorgeous soul nourishing gift from the lovely Mietta..
Currently reading..
My little potted herb garden bursting with goodies..
Another of Olive's favourite napping spots - oh to be a cat!

Oh how I'm loving house pottering and slow days right now.
Much Love

Joining the fun and inspiring images at The Shack hosted by the gorgeous Em.


  1. Gorgeous pics. I love the shot of Olive- cuddled up to books in a ray of sun - that's the life!

  2. That sunset is amazing! Beautiful photographs! x

  3. Buddhism for Mothers is a favourite of mine. x

  4. Pottering around the house is one of my favourite things.
    Lovely photos. Your home is looking lovely all decorated. x

  5. Oh you have Buddhism for Mothers. I've been wanting to get my hands on a copy. You are preparing well!

  6. I did Hypnobirthing!!! Love it! (my biggest advice is to prepare your husband to give specific pieces of advice. Like, instead of saying "breathe deeply" or "relax", he should say things like "drop your shoulders" "open your mouth and loosen your jaw," Because once your in labor-land words like 'relax' stop holding any meaning).
    You'll do great! I'm so excited for you! Birth is one of the most amazing experiences in this world! Your body was made to do this!!!

  7. It must be so lovely to be settling in to your new home. I'm so excited for you in these last phases of carrying your little adventurer! Melania x

  8. Oh to be a pussy-cat.........sleeping on a travel case with a selection of books for company......perfect.
    Beautiful flowers always make a room fill with happiness.
    Love V

  9. Love the snippets of your life and home. Nesting is so good, and it looks like you will be fully prepared. I always remember in the midst of a contraction believing that I was riding the wave. The best hypnotherapy I learnt! Not long now... x

  10. What gorgeous shots - looks like you had a gorgeous sunset!


  11. That wrapping! So lovely x

  12. Love Buddhism for mothers!

  13. Love Buddhism for mothers!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful photos Sophie! xx


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